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Tyre Set a World Record for The Largest Fruit Cocktail Cup

Just when you thought the craze for breaking food related world records is over in Lebanon, a new Guinness record was set in Tyre for the largest fruit cocktail cup that was 2.35m long and weighed around 1 tonne as part of the city’s shopping and tourism festival.

I really don’t understand why municipalities keep on organizing such event a I personally find them to be really meaningless. At the end it isn’t like the cup is going to last for a whole month there to attract people to the city and really help boost their festival..!


Ahmad Mouselli vs Abdel Jalil Said

Ahmad Mouselli is by the way a Lebanese professor of political science at the American University of Beirut and was defending the Syrian regime, while the other guy, Abdel Jalil Said, is a member of the Syrian opposition.


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