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Here’s what Waterfront City will look like

It seems like a second Solidere to me, minus the controversy that surrounded the expropriation phase in the early 90s.

I guess the biggest challenge that will face the developers is most probably trying to convince zouzou ebba drivers to show off their skills somewhere else than the marina!


Connecting Lebanon to Cyprus with a bridge

Lebanon Cyprus

Beirut Night Life posted about an American company who’s currently proposing a 150Km bridge connecting Dbayeh to Limassol to allow reaching Cyprus from Lebanon (or vice versa) within 80minutes. Using this bridge will be subject to paying a certain fee, and it will be owned by the American company for the 10 years.

Can you imagine how many things can go wrong if this projects gets approved?

  1. No matter how this highway will be designed, Lebanese drivers will always manage to find a way to make a u-turn on it.
  2. Some people will drive for like 20 minutes then park on the side, set their arguileh, and start grilling some meat, because you know, picnic by the sea!
  3. Others will just use it to jump into the sea, because its sides appear to be higher than the sidewalk in Ain El Mraiseh.
  4. After the 10 years pass by, the Lebanese side of the highway will always have potholes.
  5. Zouzou Ebba and the gang will never know where this highway leads to, since they will just use the first few hundred meters of it for racing, then make a u-turn and go back to Dbayeh.
  6. Shall I go on??

Tamanna & Le Mall grant Charlie a trip to Barcelona

There was clapping and cheering, laughter and blushing faces. Moukarzel’s mother and father wiped away tears and smiles broke across their faces. Moukarzel is going on a free trip to Barcelona to watch his favorite team and favorite player Lionel Messi.

Moukarzel is a passionate Barcelona fan: He has memorized Barcelona’s games and Messi’s goals. Moukarzel is also afflicted with a chronic, degenerative disease that has him wheelchair bound and robbed of his normal speech. His prognosis is grim.

A group that helps children with critical illnesses, Tamanna, asked Moukarzel last month what he wanted to do above anything else. He said he wanted to see Messi play.

“Is there anything else?” they asked. “Messi,” he repeated. Just Messi. Source

Video shot by Pascale Ucef


More of the storm photos from all around Lebanon

The Daily Star has some nice photos from almost all around Lebanon showing how the snow blanketed most of the Lebanese villages yesterday, in addition to photos of how bad the situation is in Hay El Sellom after Al-Ghadir flooded the whole area.







Dahr El Baidar

Dahr El Baydar 1

Dahr El Baydar

Damaged sea road in Dbayeh




Hay El Sellom

Hay el sellom 1

Hay el sellom 2

Hay el sellom 3

Hay el sellom

Jezzine (Yep, nothing can take away our arguileh, not even a snowstorm)




For more photos you can check the Daily Star galleries here, here, and here. And for more about the flood in Hay El Sellom you can also check the below news report by Al Jadeed.


The french onion soup at Duo

duo abc

French onion soup is one of the upsides of winter for me. Most restaurants here serve it in regular soup bowls along with croutons, while few other serve it in bread bowl after scooping out the inside of it, and one of these restaurants is Duo (Downtown, Verdun, ABC Ashrafieh, and ABC Dbayeh).

I recently had Duo’s onion soup and found it pretty good. It was thick enough to my taste with the right amount of cheese on top of it, and the portion is relatively big and completely fulfilling. Totally recommended even though it’s a bit overpriced at 15,500L.L but worth the money.

Duo by the way is also quite famous for their rich salad bar priced at 22,000L.L.


Dispute with Ziad Rahabni at Event Hill

I actually heard a lot of people complaining about Ziad Rahbani’s latest concert since it was poorly managed and because they were expecting him to perform more of his old repertoire.

While I agree Ziad should be blamed for probably not following up enough with the event managers, people really can’t complain about the stuff he played since the concert program was made available when tickets were still on sale and it was clear it will include a lot of jazz!

video via Bechara from Surviving Lebanon


Ziad Rahbani in concert next week

I was so glad to read that Ziad Rahbani will be performing in a concert next week as I’m a big fan of him. The concert will be held at a place called Event Hill near Le Royal Hotel on December 20th and 21st at 9PM.

Ziad El Rahbani in concert

Tickets will be available as of Monday at Boueiry Press Kasklik, Maarouf Saad Center, and possibly at Al-Akhbar as mentioned in Elie’s post, and will be priced at $40, $50, and $60 including an open buffet and regular drinks.

I trust the tickets will run out so fast but I hope I’ll get one for myself!


Champagne and caviar at ABC Cinema

Seems like champagne and caviar will be served at the soon to be open cinema theaters in ABC Dbayeh. To each his own, but do we really need this?

City Mall is also planning to have something similar at their “Cinemacity Premier”, which is expected to have the largest screen in Lebanon with 400 stadium seats and a VIP section according to what they’re advertising at the mall.

Photo via @royjibrin


Waterfront City Dbayeh

Here’s how Dbayeh’s Waterfront City should look like in a few years from now.

According to this article in The Daily Star, the project will be complete in 4 phases over a period of 15 years (too much??), with the first phase set to be complete with 7 buildings in 2 years from now.

I just wish this project and the alike outside Beirut would consider creating more office spaces to take some load off the suffocating areas in Beirut such as Hamra, Achrafiyeh, and downtown.


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