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Power of the tire in Lebanon

Awesome work!

Power of the tire is a satirical piece depicting the current political and economical situation in Lebanon. It is meant to be satirical and does not reflect a real situation, but a personal interpretation.

Regarding this piece, it all started after watching Buck’s Take part / waiting for superman trailer, which seemed to have the exact tone for what we wanted. Some of the copy was so good and served our message that we had to use it.
Regarding the visuals, buck’s piece (Jr Canest’s style) is a huge inspiration for experimenting and learning motion graphics. So the intro which is almost identical started as an exercise/study in smooth keyframing, and as the piece took shape, we decided to keep it and give a credit to Jr Canest’s inspiring work. You can also find below a list for our inspiration for this piece. Hope you enjoy it.


Buck / Jr Canest : Take Part :: vimeo.com/12677264
Marcus Eckert : vimeo.com/rpgamer2003
Ron Gervais : Japan PSA Help :: vimeo.com/23179249
Water Changed Everything :: vimeo.com/22566556

/ Credits
// Production / Caustik
/// Art Direction / Amine Alameddine
/// Animation / Amine Alameddine
/// Character Animation / Rachel Mouawad
/// Additional Character Animation / Omar Labbad

Power of the tire also has a page on Facebook to share what else we can do with tires!

via Samer Nakfour


The ridiculous increase

The General Labor Confederation (GLC) suspended Wednesday’s planned strike after the Cabinet agreed late Tuesday night to increase the minimum wage to LL700,00 ($466) from the current LL500,000. The government also agreed to increase by LL200,00 the wages of those earning less than LLl million, and by LL300,00 those who earn between LL1 million and LL1.8 million. The agreement also included raising the daily transportation allowance to LL10,000 from LL8,000 while the education allowance for children jumped to a maximum of LL1.5 million.

I’m no economics or finance expert, but I’m gonna go ahead and call this increase ridiculous.

Following which logic did our ministers conclude that people of inferior income should get a smaller increase?! And how is this going to minimize the gap between social classes?

Not to mention that if you earn 1,900,000L.L while your colleague gets 1,700,000L.L, he/she is entitled to an increase while you are not, and will soon be earning more than you do according to the new agreement! Pretty fair eh?!


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