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IBDAA – 2017 International Biodiversity Day at AUB

IBDAA, or the International Biodiversity Day at AUB, is an annual poster forum organized by the Nature Conservation Center to celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB).

This event provides an opportunity for AUB students to participate in a fully fledged poster forum in order to test their innovative abilities, attempt to address any issue pertaining to the conservation of nature and its development, create a representative poster, and present their work to a panel of experts. Projects can take the form of demonstrations, models, posters, and descriptions of research findings, which ultimately allows them to gather valuable feedback and expertise in the field of idea conception, development, and execution.

For the past 10 years, projects have tackled nature conservation and development from a variety of viewpoints and under various themes. As for this year, the NCC has chosen to make this year’s theme, “Sustainable Solutions to our Environmental Challenges​”, as a means to refocus on the ecological needs of the region.

AUB students who are interested in participating in this event can check IBDAA page on AUB website.


Don’t Miss La Nuit des Musées This Friday April 7th

La Nuit des Musées is a cultural event in which many of the country’s museums open till a late hour at night free of charge for everyone. The Ministry of Culture has been organizing this event for three years now and its 4th edition is taking place this Friay April 7th.

Last year’s “Nuit des Musées” was quite a success that some museums had massive traffic congestion around them, so if you’re willing to do some museum hopping this Friday then I highly recommend you arrange your transportation ahead of time an avoid using your own car to save the time you will be spending trying to find a parking space.

Here’s the list of the participating museums:

de 17h00 à 23h00
“Mathaf”, rue de Damas

de 17h00 à 23h00
Campus de l’innovation et du sport, Université Saint-Joseph

de 17h00 à 23h00
Rue de l’Université Saint-Joseph, quartier Monnot

de 17h00 à 23h00
Rue St Nicolas, Achrafieh

de 18h00 à 00h00
Rue St Nicolas, Achrafieh

de 17h00 à 22h00
Université américaine de Beyrouth, Ras Beyrouth

de 17h00 à 23h00
Locaux de la Banque du Liban, Sanayeh

de 17h00 à 23h00
Rue Moutran, Saida

de 17h00 à 23h00
Rue Moutran, Saida

de 17h00 à 23h00

de 17h00 à 23h00

de 17h00 à 22h00
Alita, Jbeil

de 17h00 à 22h00

Photo via sobeirut.com


AUB 150th Anniversary

american university of beirut

This year marks 150 years since the establishment of The American University of Beirut in 1866.

AUB is by far the oldest university in Lebanon and has to some extent played a role in shaping the history of Beirut by influencing the culture of the surrounding area in Hamra and making it a meeting place for avant-garde thinking and revolutionaries during the 60s and 70s.

I have always admired their campus which is in my opinion the most beautiful one among other Lebanese universities, and a stroll in their green areas always feels like an escape from Beirut’s polluted atmosphere.

To celebrate their 150th anniversary, AUB built a dedicated website http://150.aub.edu.lb that has their calendar of events throughout the year, in addition to a history timeline highlighting their milestones and accomplishments, and a cool page sharing the stories of couple that have met at AUB.

I highly recommend you check out the website for some bits of history and interesting old photos of the university.

photo via flickr


The Ultimate Guide to 2015 Summer Festivals in Lebanon


The good people at Lebtivity have the full program for nearly each and every festival going around the country this summer. So I thought it would be nice to compile them all in one post to help both tourists and locals better know about them and pick the concerts and events they would like to attend. Clicking on each event will lead you to its respective program on Lebtivity.com.

Byblos Festival

The International Festival has been held annually since 2003, in July. It takes place by the seaside in the historic quarter, in front of the castle built by Crusaders in the 12th century.

Baalbeck International Festival

The festivals date back to the mid 20th century with the first organizing activities being held in 1955. After one year, presiden Chamoun named it the Baalbeck International Festival, which became a governmental institution whose goal was to promote tourism and Lebanese culture.

Beiteddine Art Festival

The Beiteddine Festival was launched amidst war and destruction in the middle of the 80’s. It came as an act of faith in Lebanon’s cultural specificity and its power of creativity and artistic freedom. It was a call for normality in the middle of the chaos and madness of the civil war. The festival takes place in the large 200-year old Beiteddine Palace.

Jounieh International Festival

Jounieh International Festival was launched in 2011 is now famous for the opening ceremony marked by the synchronized fireworks show along the bay of Jounieh. The festival takes place at Fouad Chehab stadium.

Zouk International Festival

Zouk International Festival was launched in 2010 and attracts guests from all over the country and abroad. Zouk Mikael is 10 minutes away from Beirut, perched on a hill of Kesrouwan overlooking the Mediterranean. Its roman styled amphitheatre with a capacity of 2500, built for major events, hosts the festival.

Batroun International Festival

The festival had a shy and amateur debut in the early 90’s until it acquired international standards and earned its place among international cultural festivals. In 2009, the Batroun International Festival was born and started hosting leading local and international artist from all over the world.

Ehdeniyat – Ehden International Festival

Ehdeniyat, which started in 2004, flourished from a local and national event to an International festival of Music and Art. But above all this, Ehdeniyat became an experience of glamour, culture and tradition; “An Experience that Never Ends”.

Beirut Holidays

Beirut Holidays is a series of concerts and shows in the heart of Beirut Souks. Launched in 2012, the festival brings together diverse musical performances and talents, local artists and international performers, from East and West mixing varying genres and tastes.

Cedars International Festival

After almost half a century, the Cedars International Festival will return this summer to Bsharri. The northern town will host several of Lebanon’s top artists as part of an effort to revive tourism in the district. The four-night festival will feature a wide range of musical and artistic performances.

Dbayeh Festival

An enchanting event taking place in Dbayeh this summer. An initiative by Tajammo Ahel Al Mahabba for the fifth consecutive year to raise the voice of hope and peace in Lebanon.

Moreover, the below smaller festivals will also be happening.


Red Bull awakens Jeita grotto!

redbull jeita

Red Bull never ceases to amaze me with the events and stunts they keep organizing and sponsoring. And one of the really cool stuff they recently did was getting a Dutch wakeboarding star called Duncan Zuur to perform some of his maneuvers inside Jeita Grotto!

Make sure to check the stunt’s video below.

You can also check here for an additional video and several photos of the performance.


Ziad Rahbani in concerts at NDU and Zouk Mikael Festival

Ziad Rahbani Zouk Mikael concert

Ziad Rahbani will be performing in two concerts next week on June 7th and 8th at Notre Dame University in Zouk Mosbeh, in addition to another concert next month on July 25th at Zouk Mikael International Festival.

Ziad Rahbani NDU concert

For those who are interested, tickets for NDU concert are available at all branches of Malik’s Bookshop, while tickets for Zouk Mikael concert will be available at Virgin Megastore.


Photos of Discover Mar Mikhael

Discover Mar Mikhael is an event organized by Achrafieh 2020 that turned the Mar Mikhael neighborhood into a car area yesterday in order to motivate people to discover it either walking or by bike, and enjoy the cultural and artistic events that were taking place.

Below are some photos shared by Achrafieh 2020 showing how was the event like.


Photos from the MMA event in Movenpick

First Blood was Lebanon’s inaugural professional mixed martial arts event, taking place in Movenpick Hotel Beirut. Eight Lebanese fighters were featured on the nine fight card, including Elie El Rayess and Silvio Chiha. Photographs/Hasan Shaaban

MMA Movenpick (4)

MMA Movenpick (3)

MMA Movenpick (2)

MMA Movenpick (1)

You can check here for the rest of the photos.


Ziad Rahbani in concert next week

I was so glad to read that Ziad Rahbani will be performing in a concert next week as I’m a big fan of him. The concert will be held at a place called Event Hill near Le Royal Hotel on December 20th and 21st at 9PM.

Ziad El Rahbani in concert

Tickets will be available as of Monday at Boueiry Press Kasklik, Maarouf Saad Center, and possibly at Al-Akhbar as mentioned in Elie’s post, and will be priced at $40, $50, and $60 including an open buffet and regular drinks.

I trust the tickets will run out so fast but I hope I’ll get one for myself!


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