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Awesome Drone Footage of Faraya and Faqra


A lot of people are uploading drone videos from Lebanon but Marc Howayek’s work really stands out from the rest with the editing he does. His latest videos shows parts of Faraya and Faqta using his DJI Phantom 3.

This 46 seconds video took one whole day to shoot by the way since the DJI battery drains out in 20 minutes and needs around two hours to fully recharge.


The Snow in Faraya Today


The cold weather that we are experiencing this weekend is bringing much needed snow to our mountains and Faraya seems to have got a good amount so far.

The cold front is supposed to last over the next week I think and more snow is expected, so the slopes may probably open in the next couple of weekends.

Below is a photo showing how the slopes in Faraya looked like on the same day of the previous year (January 3rd 2014), so 2015 looks definitely promising.


photos via Skileb.com


On Jackie Chamoun and Chirine Njeim posing topless in Faraya

Al Jadeed posted today a video  of Jackie Chamoun (who’s currently competing at the Olympics in Sochi) and Chirine Njeim posing topless on Faraya ski slopes for six-time Mexican Olympic skier and photographer Hubertus von Hohenlohe.

The photos were meant to be published in Hubertus’ calendar “Ski Instructors”.

Needless to say, Al Jadeed are calling it a scandal and were wondering if the Lebanese Ski Federation was aware about these photos since it “harms our reputation”, as if our reputation worldwide really needed two gorgeous skiers posing to the camera to get ruined!


Regardless of whether our society is conservative or not, I believe Chirine Njeim and Jackie Chamoun are totally free to do what  they want, especially that a lot of international athletes have posed either topless or completely nude and it’s nothing strange to sports.

You can check the truth about these photos here, and below is what Jackie Chamoun had to say about them.

It was positive for me. I don’t regret it at all. When I started my job, for example, people when they search for me on the web sometimes they can see these pictures directly so you think maybe it’s not the best thing, not the best image you can give someone of you. But, I don’t really care, though. I really enjoyed it and I don’t regret it. I like these photos. I have no problem with it.

Al Jadeed could use a chill pill, no?

P.S: The video is NSFW


The Bride storm photos

I don’t know since when did we start calling storms that hit Lebanon by names, but the storm that’s currently hitting Lebanon is called “The Bride“!

Anyway, here are some photos I found on Lebanon Weather Forecast page on Facebook showing what this storm has brought to both the mountains and coastal areas.




Kfardebian 1


Kfardebian 2





The road between Tarchich and Zahle

Tarchich Zahle





Dbayeh (via MTV Lebanon)


Stay safe and warm!!


New Cadillac SRX ad shot in Lebanon?

The new Cadillac SRX ad looks ad if it was shot in Lebanon, especially with the “Faraya-Mzaar” sign that appears in the middle of it. But where exactly do we have such nice road here?

Thanks @MAChidiac


Amer just confirmed the ad was shot in Faraya. Ok, the ad was NOT shot in Lebanon.


Skiing and swimming in the same day

We’ve all heard a million times that in Lebanon you can ski and swim in the same day, but did you ever meet someone who really did that?

Alex Taylor, a reporter in The Daily Star, felt like confirming the myth a few days ago and actually went skiing at Mzaar in the morning, then drove around noon to Jbeil and hit the beach.

After a few runs, I’m feeling exhilarated, but a bit overheated and in need of a swim. It might be the booming tunes by Stereo Love and the Black Eyed Peas blaring from the lodge speakers or maybe subliminal messaging from all the billboards advertising vodka, but I’m feeling ready for another, world-renowned Lebanese pastime – to party. I take off my skis, intent on joining the snow bunnies drinking white wine at the lodge in their furry, Prada boots, but remember that I have a mission.

I’m off to Jbeil, following flashy Hummers driving down the mountain. As I descend, the temperature rises, as do the glorious smokestacks of the Zouk power plant just ahead. Beach, here I come. Source

And just like the article revolves around a cliche idea about Lebanon, it also has a cliche start and ending. For some reason, Alex started by comparing Lebanon to the rising phoenix, and ended it by telling that she still has to pay Skybar a visit to see the “real” Lebanon there (yeah right).


Diamony Ski and Fashion Festival 2012

Diamony lingerie held their annual winter fashion show at Intercontinental Mzaar in Faraya and below are the photos that were published on Demotix and International Business Times.


Snow in Faraya covering the chairlifts

That’s how much snow there is Faraya righ now, the chairlifts are all covered!

I remember the people responsible for the pistes were struggling in the past couple of years to bring more snow into the tracks so people can actually ski, now they sure have to take lot of snow so that at least the chairlifts can operate! Anyway, one thing is for sure, the season is definitely going to last till early in May I believe!

Photos via Mzaar Ski Resorts FB page. Thanks to @peter_khayat.


Faraya ski slopes

I went skiing in Faraya yesterday for the first time this year, and it was really great with so much snow on and off the slopes.

Starting Faraya main square, the road was packed with the Sunday crowd but surprisingly there was not much people on pistes. And no I’m not complaining about it!


Snow for this year seems to be promising

I’ve been to Faraya on Saturday afternoon and noticed that you could see snow around you shortly after you cross Achkout roundabout and before you even reach Mayrouba or Hrajel. That’s a sight we’ve missed for the last two years I guess, which held little snow compared to what we’re used for.

Did we kiss global warming goodbye?


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