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Wall Dabke is Now a Thing?

It started with this video from Australia spreading on Facebook and now people want to imitate it and some as going as far as using the ceiling to dance upside down.

We earlier had Tirashrash and Jenno Notto, please don’t make this trend!


Amusing flash mob at Beirut Airport

Two friends of mine just shared this video on Facebook! Looks like some of Beirut airport staff performed on March 5th 2011 a dabke dance inside the airport premises to the rythm of a Houwwara song, and it turned out pretty cool!

I have no idea why did they do it, but I loved how people of all ages were participating, kudos!

Here’s another video, shot on March 4th, of a rehearsal for the dance. According to Biba from +961’s page on Facebook, the dance was done for an ad for Beirut Duty Free.


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