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The french onion soup at Duo

duo abc

French onion soup is one of the upsides of winter for me. Most restaurants here serve it in regular soup bowls along with croutons, while few other serve it in bread bowl after scooping out the inside of it, and one of these restaurants is Duo (Downtown, Verdun, ABC Ashrafieh, and ABC Dbayeh).

I recently had Duo’s onion soup and found it pretty good. It was thick enough to my taste with the right amount of cheese on top of it, and the portion is relatively big and completely fulfilling. Totally recommended even though it’s a bit overpriced at 15,500L.L but worth the money.

Duo by the way is also quite famous for their rich salad bar priced at 22,000L.L.

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Fayha Choir on Arabs’ Got Talent

Great performance by The Fayha Choir on Arab’s Got Yalent!

The FAYHA CHOIR, established since 2003, and conducted ever since by Maestro Barkev Taslakian, is sponsored by Safadi Foundation and Azm & Saada association. It supports the choir financially and morally, which helps it to improve and perform at its best, locally or internationally. The choir is composed of nearly 50 males and females members, from Tripoli and suburbs citizens, who represent the Lebanese population with all its religions, social, political, economical affiliations. The choir’s repertoire includes Lebanese, oriental, as well as French, English, Latin, Armenian and other songs. This diversity reflects the choir’s openness to the human heritage.

Thank you Nour!

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Breakfast at Paul Gemmayze

Aside from a simple thyme or cheese man’ouche, what else beats a breakfast at Paul??

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Saddam Hussein & Hassan Nasrallah at Virgin Megastore

I came across these 2 books at Virgin Megastore.

Le tresor de saddam

Rouge Liban objectif Hassan Nasrallah

1. “Le Trésor de Saddam:1 Les milliard de dollars au soleil!”

2. “Rouge Liban, Objectif: Hassan Nasrallah le chef du Hezbollah!”

I have no idea what the 2 books are about but it’s cool seeing the names of Saddam Hussein and Hassan Nasrallah associated with the cover photos!

P.S: I hope this post will not cause a rage in the streets soon.

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Francophone Games – Beirut 2009

50 Francophone countries are participating in the sixth Francophone Games, which will take place in Beirut from September 27 to October 6 2009!

50 pays francophones se regroupent à Beyrouth pour les 6eme Jeux de la Francophonie du 27 Septembre au 6 Octobre 2009!

Website: www.jeux2009.org

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