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Feel22 – Self Pampering Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is in less than a week, and to those looking to get their significant other a self pampering product, Feel22 is a new Lebanese e-commerce website to help you with gift ideas of that spirit.

From make up, to skincare, perfumes, and other beauty products, Feel22 has it all, and the reason I’m posting about it is mainly because my wife was quite impressed with their products selection, in addition to the fact that they have some brands that are pretty rare to find in the Lebanese market such as Sephora, so their catalogue is definitely worth a look.

I personally tried ordering from Feel22 and found the website to be very responsive. At checkout, you only need half a minute to create an account before you place your order, and they offer free shipping all over Lebanon within a day or two. You can also order items through a WhatsApp number if you like to with a cash on delivery option, and there’s a live chat support available throughout the day if you have any inquiries.

For those interested in trying their service, the awesome people at Feel22 were kind enough to provide me with a promo code for the blog readers to benefit from a 10% off any order. All you have to do is input the code PLUS961FEEL22 to get your instant discount.

Happy shopping!


Exotica’s Different Christmas

Late in November I started following Exotica’s campaign for Christmas 2009 titled “My Different Christmas”, the campaign is apparently targeting internet users, because I haven’t yet seen its supporting video on any local TV station. And no we’re not used to that in Lebanon!

The idea behind the campaign is helping people to think and celebrate differently this year via a special blog by the “cool” Christmas activist “Lucie”. As you will see, Lucie is a funny grandmother posting about Christmas DIY gifts, recipes, and decoration ideas, and that’s exactly what I need in this period as I am participating in the secret Santa game at work! The blog can be found here.

The reason behind Lucie’s initiative to start the blog

I believe the purpose of the blog goes beyond just providing ideas, Exotica is actually doing a good job communicating with internet users in a way that is much different and more efficient than the classical newsletters we get on a daily basis in our mail boxes. I salute those who are behind this campaign!


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