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Worrying news from South Lebanon

We’re currently receiving VERY worrying news from the south! From what I’m reading on news websites and twitter, it seems that Israeli soldiers were trying to cut some tree at Adayseh village in order to install some surveillance camera when the Lebanese army stopped them.

Following that, an Israeli tank bombed an LAF base and an exchange of fire erupted between the two on the borders. Now there are some news about Katyusha missiles fired at north Israel… let’s hope it wont get any worse than that!

Via Naharnet

12:43pm OTV: 10 artillery rounds fell in Adeisseh, one of which near a Lebanese army post.
12:40pm Future News: A Lebanese soldier and another civilian were injured in the fighting.
12:38am VDL: The clashes erupted after the Israeli army tried to cut some trees inside Lebanese territories.
12:36pm LBC: Israeli tank hit a house in Adeisseh.
12:34pm NNA: Exchange of gunfire between Lebanese and Israeli soldiers along the border town of Adeisseh.
12:31pm MTV: An Israeli tank fired an artillery shell on a Lebanese army position on the outskirts of Adeisseh.

Via Now Lebanon

12:42    Al-Arabiya: Two Katyusha missiles fired at North Israel
12:31    MTV: LAF base at Aadaiseh village bombed by Israeli tank
12:29    AFP: Exchange of gunfire between Lebanese and Israeli soldiers along border

Via Tayyar.org

12:55  الجيش اللبناني يرد على العدو الاسرائيلي باطلاق قذيفتي RPG ورشقات نارية (المنار)
12:46 سقوط 10 قذائف اسرائيلية على بلدة العديسة بالقرب من مركز للجيش اللبناني (OTV)
12:42 جريح من الجيش اللبناني وآخر مدني في الإعتداء الإسرائيلي على العديسة
12:35 اشتباكات بين الجيش اللبناني وجيش العدو على الشريط الشائك تتمة
12:30 دبابة اسرائيلية اطلقت قذيفة باتجاه مركز للجيش اللبناني عند مدخل بلدة العديسة واصابته اصابة مباشر

Update (8/3/2010 2:38PM):

Via Tayyar.org

14:36  Two Lebanese army soldiers were killed in the Israeli shelling on Al-Aadaiseh.
14:32 A high-ranking Israeli army officer was killed in the shelling and Israeli soldiers were trying to pull him out. (Al-Manar)
14:30 Israeli troops called through loudspeakers on the Lebanese army to halt fire so that they can evacuate the wounded.
14:02 UNIFIL urged Lebanon and Israel a maximum restraint. (Future News)
13:55 Apache helicopter fired two missiles on the hill of Al-Aadaiseh. (NTV)
13:35 Two houses are burning in Al-Aadaiseh village. (Future News)
13:21 Israeli snipers are firing at the Adassieh- Kfar Kila road. (AL-Manar)
13:20 A Lebanese soldier identified as “Hasan Nazzal” and a civilian “Ibrahim Abboud” were injured in the clashes at Al-Aadaiseh. (MTV)

Update (8/3/2010 7:11PM):

The situation is calm again in the south for more than 3 hours now, god bless our soldiers and may our martyrs that fell today rest in peace.


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