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The Internal Security Forces rewarding seat-belt users

noel isf

The minute I saw this photos on twitter I knew it was some kind of a media stunt by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces. And the first thing that came to my mind was that they should have been working to ease the traffic congestion over the past few days instead of taking photos with Santa. But now that I saw the video I think it was a nice move.

In a country where people honk at you at a red light, I personally would have loved to get rewarded by the ISF for wearing the seatbelt!

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Yeah right!



The ISF can forever claim that they have their “own ways” to stop these stupid motorbikers. But in fact nothing is being done that even 12 years old kids now do wheelies on the streets!

photo via YASA

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Footage of the gunmen storming Tripoli’s Islamic Hospital

This country is seriously going beyond insane. A group of gunmen stormed into Tripoli’s Islamic Hospital last night and released a detainee called Mohamad Youssef, who was arrested for opening fire on minister Faisal Karami’s convoy a while ago, after beating up the police men who were guarding him.

Weirdly enough, the man was handed back to the security forces some hours later!

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The independent state of Roumieh

Roumieh prison

This photo by Marwan Tahtah was taken in Roumieh prison and made it to the cove page of Al-khbar’s issue for today. If only these muscles were put to good use to stop the chaos in Roumieh!

Check this article on how the prison is currently more like a command centers for some criminals on the run due to the lack of control over the Islamist prisoners.

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Unknown lady blocks Hamra street!

According to this Facebook page, some unknown lady driving a black BMW with tinted windows in Hamra today afternoon, refused to stop for the police who apparently wanted to check the tint license, and decided to block the whole street when he insisted!

lady blocking hamra street 1

Lady blocking hamra street

lady blocking hamra street 2

No matter how important this lady is, it would be a real shame if the ISF let her get away with what she did. She cannot cause people to get stuck in a traffic jam for no reason except that she thinks she’s above the law, especially in a business center area like Hamra. I hope no one was being rushed to a nearby hospital and ended up getting stuck there!

Thanks to @ghazayel

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Lebanese policewomen hit the streets

The below photo appeared in Assafir newspaper yesterday for an all women Lebanese police patrol on duty for the first time in Mar Elias street in Beirut.

Who knows, If our policemen can’t secure our streets from douchebags and their burning tires, maybe these ladies can do a better job!

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Getting arrested sounds fun now

For the first time in its history, 610 young girls made their way into the Internal Security Forces after announcing its will to recruit female volunteers earlier.

The video below shows the result of a 2 months training that 200 girls have received, and as you can see many of them are quite good looking! Getting arrested now seems like a pretty cool idea eh?!

On a serious note, I totally respect these women and believe that they’re much needed in our country.

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Lebanese police running a red light

The below photos were taken in Tallet El-Khayyat showing a police car running a red light. Definitely not a shocking scene as we’re all used to the reckless driving by the police in Beirut, but it’s cool to have their actions documented by Cheyef 7alak now!

And I know, they can always justify that by saying it was an emergency!

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On abuse of power and ISF

Nice catch by Salim Al Lawzi.

Salim spotted two members from the ISF washing the Mercedes of some Lebanese official in Achrafiyeh. Think of it, if for the simplest things, in this case a car wash, this official is abusing his power, can you imagine what he does when dealing with other more important issues?

On the other hand, that most probably explains why ISF members act like douchebags with people, they get abused by their supperiors and they eventually have to let it out at others, us! (Although they do have some fun sometimes)

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