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President Donald Trump is Clueless About Lebanese Politics

It seems like Donald Trump is absolutely clueless about Lebanese politics, and listening to the things he said in the below video makes you really wonder how does he take decisions when it comes to our country and the whole region…

As you all know, PM Saad Hariri is currently on an official trip to the U.S. and has met with President Donald Trump at the oval office yesterday. Following their discussion, the two held a press conference during which Presidend Trump claimed that “Lebanon is on the frontlines in the fight against ISIS, Al-Qaeda AND Hezbollah” (watch at the 1m05s mark) while in fact Hariri’s cabinet in fact has a couple of ministers from Hezbollah, and later even calls the party a menace to Lebanon and the middle east (at the 3m35s mark).

And it didn’t just end here, when Denise Rahme Fakhri asked him about his opinion when it comes to Hezbollah and their role in Syria, Trump appeared just like he has no idea what to answer by simply claiming that he will be expressing his opinion on the next day after meeting with his “very expert military representatives”. (watch at the 10m52s mark)

I bet PM Hariri silently went through several WTF moments during the press conference.


Top Lebanese Festivals Happening This Summer with Their Full Programs

With so many festivals happening across Lebanon this summer, it’s definitely hard to keep track of all the performances taking place over the coming weeks. So I compiled to you this list from Lebtivity of the top 20 Lebanese festivals along with their full programs in order for you easily pick the concerts/performances you want to attend and book your tickets ahead of time.

  1. Beiteddine International Art Festival 2017 – Full program
  2. Byblos International Festival 2017 – Full Program
  3. Baalbeck International Festival 2017 – Full Program
  4. Batroun International Festival 2017 – Full Program
  5. Jounieh International Festival 2017 – Full Program
  6. Ehdeniyat Festival 2017
  7. Faqra Festival 2017 | Full Program
  8. Tannourine Cedars’ Nights 2017
  9. Beirut Holidays 2017 – A3yad Beirut – Full Program
  10. Kousba Festival 2017
  11. Tyre Festival 2017 | Full Program
  12. Cedars International Festival 2017
  13. Jounieh Summer Festival 2017 – Full Program
  14. Ain Ebel Summer Festival 2017
  15. Amchit International Festival 2017 Full Program
  16. Ghalboun International Festival 2017
  17. Tripoli International Festival 2017
  18. Kobayat International Festival 2017
  19. Kahale Summer Festival 2017
  20. Zahle Festival 2017 – Full Program



City Centre Parking Now Has Car Plate Scanners To Help You Find Your Car

I was at City Centre Hazmieh the other day when I noticed they now have car plate scanners in their parking to help you find your car if you ever forgot where you parked.

Several machines located at the mall entrances will help you find your car once you provide your car plate number. I tried the system out of curiosity and the machine took around 10 seconds to return images of several cars, I then had to flip through a couple of images before I found my car along with its exact spot.

Needless to say, the machine will of course fail to find anything if people of the Lebanese 7arbou2 kind remove their car plates or erase the numbers to evade speed radars, but these are douchebags anyway and definitely deserve to get lost in a parking lot.


Beirut-Montreal Direct Flights Are Not Happening Anytime Soon!

Remember all the talks about possible re-establishment of non-stop flights between Beirut and Montreal? Well, Duncan Bureau, VP Global Sales at Air Canada unfortunately tweeted on Monday that the Canadian Government rejected their application to make it happen, which is definitely a huge disappointment for the Lebanese community there.

For more details I recommend you read this article “What Is It About Direct Flights To Beirut That Scares Trudeau?” by the Huffington Post discussing how illogical the rejection is given that airlines from much less secure countries such as Egypt are allowed in Montreal.


100 Years of Dibs El Kharroub

I usually frequently search Vimeo for Lebanese content but for some reason totally missed this 4 minutes documentary by Nay Aoun about a family that has been making Dibs El Kharroub (Carob Molasses) for over a hundred years now at a village called Ksaibeh in Mount Lebanon!

Fadwa, 80 years old now, was taught how to make molasses by her father and has been practicing the tradition since she was 15. Against her father’s will, she also used to sneak during the night to a guy called Menhem to teach him the correct recipe because he never got it right in his little workshop back then. The two eventually ended up getting married and started working together.

The son George is currently taking over the tradition but is unfortunately having difficulty convincing his children to do the same now.

If it wasn’t for the video I honestly wouldn’t have known making molasses was such a delicate process!

For those who are not familiar with it, Carob Molasses are mostly used in deserts recipes such as molasses cakes or it can simply be mixed with Tahini (Dibs w Tahini) and people usually have it with biscuits or bread. It is also an essential ingredient of Jallab the famous Ramadan drink.


I just noticed the video cannot be embedded due to its privacy settings so you can watch it on Vimeo here.

via /r/Lebanon


Saad Hariri Miming Despacito

AYAM Serious” shared on Facebook & Instagram last night a funny video compilation of PM Saad Hariri miming Luis Fonsi’s Despacito and ended up getting a couple of interactions on insta from Hariri himself!

At a time when some politicians are filing lawsuits against TV stations, journalistsand the so called “Facebook activists”, it’s good to see others engaging in the online conversation about them even if it was a joke like the one above. They’re public figures at the end and people have the right to talk about them the way they want.

No matter what you hear about freedom of speech in Lebanon, truth is we have a long way to become like modern countries where media outlets butcher the politicians and hold them accountable for their actions and decisions without facing any legal troubles…


Touch is Into The Money Lending Business Now?

To all those who run out of credit before their line cycle is over, Touch recently added a new service to its prepaid Magic lines called “Advance Credit” allowing their subscribers to get an advance credit amount once their balance falls below $1, and it of course gets paid back once they recharge their line.

It sounds all nice until you know the rate at which the advance amount should be paid… A screenshot on Facebook shows that for a $3 in advance, $4.2 get deducted once the subscriber has enough credit again. That’s a whopping 40% in interest and it sounds more like usury to me…

Even banks are not that rude with their offerings… With such rate this must be Touch’s most profitable service right now! But then again, no matter how awful you think their tactic is, you wouldn’t expect less from a company operating in a monopolized industry.


The Best Yard Sale Ever – For The Vintage Collectors

Following my post about Hadi’s retro games collection, I got some e-mail asking me if I knew about some shops with same offering around Beirut. I unfortunately don’t, but I thought of writing about this Yard Sale taking place at antwork’s garden in Hamra tomorrow since it will cater for retro lovers.

I know for sure there will be Gameboy handhelds and other old gaming consoles up for sale, in addition to vintage comic books, DVDs, vinyls and others.

The event is all organized by cool people from antwork, Heyoka, and Tell(tale), and will also include some fun activities like a Knefeh eating competition so make sure not to miss it if retro stuff is your thing.

The yard sale is running tomorrow from 11AM till 8PM and the entrance fee is 5,000L.L / pers.

For more information you can check the event on Facebook.


Things to Do This Week in Lebanon – July 5th 2017


Here are my picks from Lebtivity for the 2 coming weeks. Plenty of things are going around town and these suggestions are guaranteed to inspire your plans!

  1. RetroVille – “Music Fest” | The amusement park experience
  2. Tomorrowland party in Lebanon
  3. The Harmony of Chaos
  4. Yacht Party by Lasgidi Beirut
  5. Stress Management Workshop With a Twist: Zen Day at The Blue House Secret Garden
  6. BDD Talks – Passion Talks with Moustafa Hamwi, the Passion Guy!
  7. Escape Games Beirut – The New Smart Fun Activity!
  8. The Power of Communication
  9. Chris de Burgh Concert in Lebanon – Part of Beirut Holidays 2017
  10. Al Mousafer – new release
  11. Al Zaman Al Assil Show with Bassem Feghali & many more
  12. Red Night 2017 – Fundraising Night for Donner Sang Compter (DSC)
  13. The Cocktail Market – Exotic Edition – Brummana 2017
  14. روحي | Go Home by Jihane CHouaib
  15. Mindfulness Introductory Session
  16. Kingset Production Workshop
  17. Hanine Live in Concert at Faqra Festival 2017

Make sure to check Lebtivity.com for much more options.


Ah Ya Habileh!

Two days ago ago a man attempted to shoot some fire in the air during a wedding in Bteghrine but ended up critically injuring a photographer when he lost control over his gun. (Source)

What’s even worse is that the photographer was then rushed to the hospital but not admitted until three men attacked the ER staff which eventually led to the arrest of the groom!

Talk about a memorable wedding party…

On a side note I’m glad the security forces are finally putting efforts to arrest those gun freaks and I hope it isn’t just a temporary thing.


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