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Sroud 3a broud

cheyef 7alak

Meanwhile, our parliament was meeting to extend its mandate until November 2014.

Photo via Cheyef 7alak

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Ziad Rahbani in concerts at NDU and Zouk Mikael Festival

Ziad Rahbani Zouk Mikael concert

Ziad Rahbani will be performing in two concerts next week on June 7th and 8th at Notre Dame University in Zouk Mosbeh, in addition to another concert next month on July 25th at Zouk Mikael International Festival.

Ziad Rahbani NDU concert

For those who are interested, tickets for NDU concert are available at all branches of Malik’s Bookshop, while tickets for Zouk Mikael concert will be available at Virgin Megastore.

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We need a second Adel Shehab


Following the news about the three Lebanese soldiers who were killed in Ersal yesterday morning, a story from 1958 involving the late army commander Adel Shehab started making rounds on Facebook.

Back when General Adel Shehab was in charge, some gangsters killed lieutenant Benoit Barakat while he was on duty in Ersal. So Adel Shehab responded  by granting the villagers one hour for them to surrender their guns and hand him the criminals. Three hours later, when the people of Ersal didn’t do anything, the General ordered warplanes to start bombarding the village for several hours until all criminals surrendered themselves.

This isn’t the first time for the people of Ersal to kill soldiers who vowed to protect their village and the whole country, and there’s definitely no guarantee that they won’t do it one more time, so what’s holding General Kahwaji from doing the same as Adel Shehab did in the 1950’s?

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The ugliest side of the clashes in Tripoli

How sick is this?

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Celebrating FC Bayern’s win of the Champions League

One would think the Lebanese national team was actually playing!

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Check out this Fattouch!

via reddit

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Onno Restaurant – Bourj Hammoud

Onno Bourj Hammoud (8)

Back when I posted about Varouj, several people recommended that I go try Onno, another Armenian restaurant in Bourj Hammoud, and I totally regret not doing so until lately as I found it really fantastic!

The restaurant is located right underneath the bridge that connects Achrafieh to Dekweneh facing Life Center, and it is quite small and cozy with a few tables that fit around 20 people I guess. So don’t go there expecting something fancy, as the focus there is the food, which is cooked by the family who owns the place.

Onno Bourj Hammoud (1) Onno Bourj Hammoud (2) Onno Bourj Hammoud (3)

We ordered the following: Basterma with quail egg, two pieces of soubereg, cherry kebab, batata harra, mouhammara, soujouk, and two soft drinks.

Onno Bourj Hammoud (4) Onno Bourj Hammoud (6) Onno Bourj Hammoud (5)

The portions were pretty generous and tasted quite good as well, I especially loved the cherry kebab and basterma since it was the first time for me to try it with quail eggs. And the best part had to be the bill, which came at 55,000 L.L for everything we ordered,which is less than half what you would pay at other places like Mayrig or Mayas, for much more authentic Armenian food in my opinion.

Onno Bourj Hammoud (7)

Needless to say, Onno is totally recommended, and I’m planning to go again soon to try the other stuff they have like manti, quails, and frog legs. Check below what Alain Bourdain had to say about it in his travel and food show No Reservations back in 2011.


For those who are interested, Onno’s phone number is 03 801 476.

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Cabriolet Film Festival 2013

Cabriolet Film Festival 2013 will be held on 24th, 25th, and 26th of May at 8 pm on Saint Nicolas Stairs in Gemmayzeh.

A total of 47 short films from 21 different countries will be presented to the public during this three day event, with free entrance for everyone. The festival program is available here if you’re interested.

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Aboul Ghadab got it right

If only everyone in Tripoli thought the same as this man instead of hating on each other.

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Solidere pissed at St George’s banner


This banner draped over St. George Hotel must be pissing Solidere off so much. They now threaten legal actions against media people who publish photos showing “Stop Solidere” in them when covering some event at Zaitunay Bay!

media waiver

Fadi Khoury, owner of St. George, is probably the only man who dared to stand against Solidere and their malpractices on the waterfront, who in their turn blocked the hotel’s access to the sea.

waiver form via Beirutiyat

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