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Virginia man arrested for trying to ship weapons to Lebanon


Juging by his name, Sam Rafic Ghanem, he seems to be of Lebanese origin, but how stupid can he be? I mean doesn’t he know about the arms trade with Syria through the uncontrolled borders? Even kids here are playing with Klashinkoves, so we definitely need nothing from Virginia!

Sam Rafic Ghanem, owner of an international shipping company with offices in the Washington suburbs, was arrested Saturday after an FBI sting, ABC News said.

The intended recipient of the weapons is not clear, but at one point Ghanem claimed he was recently asked to obtain two guns for an unnamed member of the Lebanese government, according to court documents filed in the case.

Over the past few months, Ghanem and a former employee of his company, Washington Movers International, devised “a scheme to send weapons to Lebanon by hiding them inside automobile parts shipped by the company,” court documents allege.

The former employee, though, was working as “an undercover source for the FBI,” ABC News noted.

Last Saturday, the source picked up Ghanem from his Springfield, Virginia home and drove to Washington Movers International’s offices in Maryland, where Ghanem helped stuff 10 handguns, 10 semi-automatic rifles and 18 “optic devices” into doors and other parts of salvaged vehicles, an FBI agent alleged in charging documents.

The car parts were then loaded into a shipping container, but the weapons hidden inside were “fake,” according to the charging documents. Ghanem was subsequently arrested.

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Merry Christmas!

merry christmas

#Lebanese women wearing #santa outfit and weaving their national #flag #waterski during a show in the #bay of #Jounieh in the #mediterranean #sea off #lebanon’s coast. Merry #Christmas to all. #photojournalism

Photo by @patrickbaz


Man stabbed in Jdeideh over a car parking space

According to LBCI, this woman and her husband stabbed a man inside a beauty salon in Jdeideh after fighting with him over a parking space.

She’s called Hind Khatib. For your own safety, never try to get into an argument with her over anything!


Could these Lebanese 3D glasses really beat Google Glass?


Wamda has an interesting article today about Lebanese entrepreneur Soulaiman Itani who debuted a pair of wearable glasses that displays augmented reality in three dimensions as opposed to Google’s two.

The glasses, Atheer One, were built in partnership with a computer vision researcher called Allen Yang and can allow the wearer to exercise with virtual targets, conduct conference calls while browsing online, and even play three dimensional games.

They also have two major advantages over Google Glass since they offer a bigger field of vision and can allow all existing Android apps to work withing their platform. However, they always need to be physically attached to an Android device to work.

Itani and his partner are currently raising funds on Indiegogo and offering Atheer One for an early bird special price of $350 for the first 100 backers.

Make sure to check the whole article here on Wamda.


Alexa as viewed from space

The Washington Post posted some photos that were taken yesterday by NASA of the snowstorm Alexa that hit the region last week.


The white areas on the land are all snow, another wider photo shows that even a northern area of Saudi Arabia got a little bit of snow.


On a side note, the author of the article might have to consider educating himself a bit more about the middle east as he thinks “it is quite something” to see snow around here and our neighbors!

 NASA’s Earth Observatory has posted a photo of the storm taken from space. It was taken Dec. 15, after the storm had passed and the skies had cleared; the white areas on the land are snow, not clouds. It’s quite something to see the snow across Lebanon, Syria and Israel.


VIP Prisoner in Roumieh


This guy made it to the news today for living like a king behind the bars in Roumieh prison! It seems like he has his own room inside the prison and manages to get really good food delivered to him almost everyday!

His face and name were blurred in the report but it was really hard to still find him on Facebook. His name is Nahib Roufayel and you can check his account here. The photos he shares are all public and there’s enough of them to make your jaw drop!


Red Bull awakens Jeita grotto!

redbull jeita

Red Bull never ceases to amaze me with the events and stunts they keep organizing and sponsoring. And one of the really cool stuff they recently did was getting a Dutch wakeboarding star called Duncan Zuur to perform some of his maneuvers inside Jeita Grotto!

Make sure to check the stunt’s video below.

You can also check here for an additional video and several photos of the performance.


Olayan School of Business is the 23rd most beautiful business school in the world


This must be some cool news to the students at Olayan School of Business as it has been ranked as the number 23 most beautiful business school in the world by Top Management Degrees website.

In 2009 the American University of Beirut received a stunning new building for its Suliman S. Olayan School of Business, courtesy of Massachusetts architectural firm Machado and Silvetti Associates. The pre-cast masonry used for its façade is intended to mirror the local limestone found in buildings across the rest of the campus, and the openings in the exterior echo the wooden latticework of the region’s mashrabiya windows. These apertures are smaller on the lower floors to provide shade but are bigger higher up the building. This design allows staff members to get beautiful glimpses of the Mediterranean from their offices.

You can check the full list here, the most beautiful school was Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business at La Sierra University in California. Moreover, some photos of OSB are available here.


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