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Shake Shack now open at Beirut City Centre

shake shack 1

I’ve been waiting for Shake Shack to open at Beirut City Centre for so long now and it finally did today. The place is fairly spacious with glass barrier around the kitchen so you can see where all the magic happens, and the staff is quite friendly and welcoming.

I ordered a signle ShackBurger (American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce) and was glad to experience the same great flavor I once had in Shake Shack Dubai.

shake shack 2

Once you get your order you can’t but notice that their burgers are kind of small, but as soon as you finish your meal you will realize you actually got the right portion due to the fatty beefy meat which will make you feel full (or almost full depending on how big is your apetite!).

shake shack 3 shake shack 4

However, and despite being really really good, I felt like their prices are a little bit high. For example, you pay 11,000L.L for a single ShackBurger, and an additional 10,000L.L for regular fries and Pepsi. But then again, they follow the same pricing scheme almost everywhere. Still, this certainly wont stop me from totally recommending it. Do go try it and treat your taste buds to some great burgers!


Krispy Kreme, Costa, TGI Friday’s and Signor Sassi closing down in Lebanon

americana group

I was just informed by a good friend at Americana Group in Lebanon that Krispy Kreme, Costa, TGI Friday’s and Signor Sassi are all closing down in Lebanon due to the turbulant time our economy is going through right now. Americana also manages KFC and Hardee’s as well, but these two are staying for now since they’re making profit.

I personally feel neutral about Costa, Friday’s and Signor, but I wish Krispy Kreme stays since I just love their donuts and prefer them over the overrated Dunkin’ Donuts.

It definitely sucks to be in the place of Americana or other big corporations who are all currently in survival mode, since everybody seems to prefer saving money than spending them on restaurants and luxury items. But I feel bad the most about the poeple who work at these places and will now be jobless, and these are mostly university students who work hard to pay their tuition fees.

I hope the warlords ruling this country are happy about the state we’ve come to!


A new 5,000 L.L bill

I just spotted this new 5,000 pound note which seems to have been recently released.

5000 ll

If only Central Bank of Lebanon would consider making all bills the same (reasonable) size!

photo via @Joanna_Azar


O1ne club Beirut paint up

O1ne is a new club near Biel that is set to open its doors this winter. 16 International artists have worked a while ago to create this massive graffiti on its wall.

I’m still not sure by the way how are we supposed to spell “O1ne”! one? o-one-ne?


Instabeat and Wally mentioned on Forbes

General Views Of Dubai

Forbes recently posted about 10 Middle Eastern startups that will (hopefully) change lives in the MENA region and the world. Two of these startups are Instabeat, which was founded by Lebanese Hind Hobeika, and Wally, which has two Lebanese members on board of its team, Makram Saleh and Maya Zankoul.

You can check the full list here. If it were up to me, I would have also added eTobb.com.


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