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Roadster diner’s new burger – Route 66

So I went to Roadster diner on Friday to try out their new Route 66 burger and totally loved it!


Basically the first thing you’ll notice is how thick the new patty is compared to their other burgers (even thicker than the diner-mites’ 220g patties), as well as the new potato dippers that no other diner serves I guess.

You will learn why the Route 66 stands out among the other burgers as soon as you have your first bite. The patty being cooked to medium is so juicy and goes well with the cheddar cheese while at the same time not being overshadowed by the other ingredients. Moreover, and despite being served with a thick patty, the best thing about the Route 66 has to be that it holds well together and the ingredients don’t easily escape out of the bun.

The potato dippers on the other hand tasted pretty good as well and I hope Roadster will be offering the option of serving them with the other burgers as well.


There’s only one thing I wish the waiters would do though, which is to tell clients beforehand that the patty will be cooked to medium since some pregnant women might have a problem with that. I also wish the potato dippers portion was bigger because one can never have enough of those!


Chicken wings and Hummus

Hilarious! Telling by this guy’s excitement about chicken wings and Hummus, I think he will most probably orgasm over chicken wings and garlic paste!


Beirut through the lens of a Pan Am stewardess in the 60s

This video with highlights from Hong Kong, Beirut, Bangkok and Tehran was compiled by a stewardess called Mary Lou Bigelow throughout her service with Pan American Airways between 1962 and 1964.

You can start watching the part from Beirut at the 7m23s mark with scenes from Beirut Airport, Raouche, Manara, Phoenicia Hotel and water skiing in Saint Georges Hotel.

Everytime I watch an old video of Beirut, I wish I was born earlier to live the golden era of this city!


Peeta Planet – Beirut Episode

PeetaPlanet™ is a travel series about two brothers from the United Arab Emirates who go on a worldwide, social media influenced, journey of cultural interaction. We call it #SocialTravel

Season One will features Singapore, Turkey, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, USA, Argentina, Kenya, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

At the time of filming this episode, most countries were issuing warnings to avoid trips to Lebanon. We decided to go anyway. The majority of our crew were Americans and had never been there before. Everything they knew about Lebanon was in the context of decades of civil war, bombings and assassinations. On top of this, their families in the US were worried and rightfully so. How else is one to feel when the majority of news about a country is that of danger and unrest?

What we found during our time there were young thought-leaders who acknowledged the challenges of living in Lebanon, yet decided to stay and help influence positive change. This is their story.

As for the crew… Lebanon turned out to be one of their favorite destinations. Should you decide to visit the middle east then we recommend you try Lebanon. It will change your perspective completely.

For more about Peeta Planet, you can check out their pages on Facebook and YouTube.

via @MayaZankoul


Roadster Diner launching a new burger: Route 66

To celebrate their 15th anniversary, it came to my knowledge that Roadster Diner will be launching a new burger called Route 66. So I asked the cool people at Roadster about it and was informed it will be made out of 250g of American prime beef, lettuce, melted cheddar cheese, sweet red onion, fresh tomato, pickles, and the new R 66 sauce.

I also got the below photo of it (click to enlarge) which shows that Route 66 will be served with the usual coleslaw salad, in addition to crunchy potato dipper and a sour herbs special dip for a change.

rd route 66

I personally haven’t had a burger since Ramadan started, and the Route 66 seems like a good one to have after Eid!


Maxime Chaaya to set a new world record today?

maxime chaaya

I’ve been following RowingTheIndianOcean.com on a regular basis to keep up with Maxime Chaaya’s progress on his new adventure. And I just noticed now he has less than 20Km to reach the island of Mauritius, so he will most probably finish crossing the ocean by today I guess.

This means his team will not only be the first 3-man team to cross the indian ocean, but also the fastest since the current record is held by the 8 person crew who took 58 days 15 hours and 8 minutes to complete the row back in 2009, and Maxime Chaaya’s team has until tomorrow night to break it. I wish them all the luck!


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