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Ramadan Kareem

Wishing you and your families a blessed Ramadan!


Photos via patheos.com

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Shake Shack opening in ABC Achrafieh

I was at ABC Achrafieh yesterday and noticed Shake Shack will be opening there instead of Bob’s Easy Diner.

As you all know, Shake Shack is also set to open at Beirut City Centre and I heard it’ll be soon during this month, but I hope someone from Al-Shaya can let us know about the exact opening dates for both locations.

Shake Shack ABC

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Lebanon’s first beauty queens

I was surprised to find these old photos of Miss Lebanon 1930 Leila Zoghbi as I never knew Lebanon had any beauty queens prior to the sixties!

Miss Lebanon 1930 Leila Zoghbi 1

Miss Lebanon 1930 Leila Zoghbi

Upon searching further, I also found we had two other beauty queens from 1935, Samia Baroudi, and 1955, Hanya Beydoun. But while there was no photos of Samia Baroudi, I found a couple of photos for Hanya Beydoun from Miss Universe in Long Beach, California.

The first photo shows her standing next to Miss Israel back then, and in the second photo wearing Lebanese traditional clothing (first to the right).

Hanya Beydoun

Hanya Beydoun 1

Photos via @ghachaa, Bid Start, Paraíso de Reinas, and Glamour Argentino


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touch now allows in-app payments

Touch Logo_managed by Zain

Late last month, touch enabled in-app payments that allow users to purchase items or upgrades from inside the apps they are using for a fee that either gets added to the monthly bill for postpaid lines, or deducted from the available balance for prepaid customers, and therefore no credit cards are used in the process.

I believe this is definitely great news to people who have no credit cards or simply prefer not to use them online, as well as developers who can now monetize their ideas by gaining access to a huge customer base.

The first application to adopt this service was Anghami by the way, which offers unlimited access to millions of songs for $5/month. So if you are an Anghami user, you can now upgrade your account and the subscription fee will be added to your bill.

If you’re a developer and interested in using the in-app payment, then you should probably know that touch currently keeps 30% of your revenue for themselves in exchange for using the service. For any additional information, you may contact them through their website.

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Mashrou’ Leila crowd-funding their third album Raasuk

I love Mashrou’ Leila. Even though I sometimes find it hard to understand the lyrics coming out of Hamed’s mouth but I just love their music.

Mashrou’ Leila are now about to release their third album titled “Raasuk”, but they’re not willing to sign a contract with any of the existing production companies in order not to make any compromises over their music, so they’re seeking help from their fans in order to raise at least $66,000 to design beautiful album art, print CDs, posters, flyers, make quality video clips, and play concerts with quality sound systems.

If you feel like helping them out, head over to Zoomaal and donate whatever amount you want. For any contribution above $5, you will earn a reward from the band ranging from a public thank you on their website to a private concert party on Skype and a dinner cooked by themselves.

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Gebran Bassil fail

Gebran Bassil fail

Reminds me of Nicolas Sarkozy.

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Minister Hassan Diab: A clear case of megalomania

Looks like minister Hassan Diab felt a bit jealous from Gebran Bassil and decided to create his own book to enlist his “achievements” at the ministry over the past two years. But this time, it isn’t a comic book, it actually a giant one with over 1000 pages! That’s like two pages for every day he spent at the ministry.

Now I feel like releasing a book too, because I didn’t make any notable achievement over the past two years as well!

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The NBA All-Stars Exhibition at Geek Express

nba all stars

If you’re an NBA fan then you’ll definitely be interested in this NBA All-Stars Exhibition at Geek Express.

The exhibition will showcase over 500 signed collectible cards, jerseys, actions figures, shoes, and basketballs that are all provided by Ramzi Traboulsi.

For more information, check this Facebook event, it starts tomorrow at 7:30PM.

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Security forces now seizing tomatoes from protesters

This is funny! The security forces seemed to have learned from last time and were apparently seizing tomatoes from protesters today.

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Nadim Gemayel, Nasawiya, and the sick degree of followership

If this video is a proof of something, it would be that all politician are equal in being corrupt and believing they’re above the law.

This is actually the same Nadim Gemayel who always complains about the militia-like behavior of Hezbollah, now giving silly excuses and justifying their actions. The people at Nasawiya might have started the whole thing after chanting against all MPs when they knew Nadim Gemayel was in the area, but that definitely doesn’t give the bodyguards the right to abuse their power.

But to be honest, I wasn’t surprised by the whole incident, I mean what do you expect from Lebanese people in power? What surprised me the most were those people on social media and blogs who were actually defending Nadim Gemayel and calling to take the incident more lightly, just because they support him or his political view. What degree of followership are these people exercising?

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