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OS Breakdown on touch’s network

The below infographic was published yesterday by touch Lebanon showing the mobile OS breakdown on their network. Unsurprisingly, Android accounted for 50% of the devices, followed by Symbian and Apple iOS.

touch os breakdown

You can also check here a similar infographic published by Alfa a while ago.

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Taste Lebanon

I’ve always thought Lebanese food is so underrated, and this video is just a proof of how fascinating is our cuisine to foreigners (in addition to showing the positive image of Lebanon for a change!). Great work by Bethany Kehdy.

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Chi.N.N – Emile Lahoud


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Some northern thieves must have a sweet tooth!


According to Naharnet, a truck loaded with sweets worth around $15,000 was robbed by unknown thieves on Sunday night in Akkar.

Thieves robbed on Sunday night a van loaded with candies and sweets in the town of Zouk Halba in the northern region of Akkar, reported the National News Agency Monday.

It said that the van was loaded with almost 15,000 dollars worth of sweets upon the robbery.

It was later found on the side of a main highway in Akkar devoid of its products.

Investigations are underway to uncover the assailants. Source

This reminds me of a similar theft that took place in Germany where 5 tonnes of Nutella were robbed from a parked van. Anyway, that’s the kind of robberies I wouldn’t mind being an accomplice in!

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touch’s 3G consumption glitch

touch 3g consumption

I just noticed many people are complaining about incorrect readings they’re getting for their 3G usage  following the upgrade that touch did for their plans.

Truth is all those who renewed their 3G subscription prior to May 7th got an increase of 50, 250, 500 MB on BOTH of their usage and limit, depending on the plan to which they’re subscribed, to ensure they still work by the old quotas since the increase will only be effective for renewals as of today. So if you’re a touch user, the 3G consumption you’re reading are actually correct.


I just noticed my 3G usage was reduced by 250MB which means that touch granted the extra quota to everyone regardless of their plan renewal date. So I either got things wrong this morning, or touch simply just responded to their clients complaints about that glitch.

touch 3g consumption 1

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Kaak kaak!

To my knowledge, there’s some order to all security forces forbidding them from using small motorbikes when wearing their uniform, to stop giving a bad image about them to the society. It’s about time it gets enforced because this guy is taking it a bit further!

Darak kaak

via WTF! Only in Lebanon

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The reason why Lebanese football is miserably failing

I’m not sure when was this video taken, but it pretty much explains why Lebanese football and sports in general is failing miserably. The video shows the Nejmeh Sporting Club fans chanting for their team then suddenly cheering for Syria and Bashar El Assad proving one more time that every sports club in this country is destined to be associated with a certain political view, political party, sect, etc…

This by the way kind of reminds me of the golden days of Lebanese basketball when Riyadi’s crowd (mainly muslims) used to chant for Syria while Sagesse’s crowd used to chant for USA! And I would never be surprised if Lebanese fans of European football teams get divided following their sects and parties one day.

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Dolphins still appearing near Zouk

Looks like the dolphins that were spotted a while ago are still hanging around our sea. The below photos were posted by Virgin Radio a couple of days ago, with Zouk Power Plant showing in the background of one of them.

Dolphins - Virgin Radio Dolphins - Virgin Radio 3

Dolphins - Virgin Radio 2 Dolphins - Virgin Radio 1

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Lebanon is soon getting proper addressing

beirut streets

According to tweets by minister Nicolas Sehnaoui, a bid will soon be launched for addressing of Lebanon in order for homes and workplaces to get proper addresses.

So hopefully in a few months from now, you will no longer have to tell people where you live or work based on directions like “teilit mafra2 3al shmeil” or “bi wijj mini market abou afif”!

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Strangest goal celebration

Football players sometimes celebrate scoring by sliding on their knees or chests, but this Lebanese player, Mohamad Ghaddar, took advantage of the field’s poor condition and took a dive right into one of the water spots caused by the rain!

video via The Football Fupernova

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