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Men El Ekhir – Arab Eagle

The average interview time on Men El Ekhir is around 10 to 12 minutes I guess, so why exactly would Pierre Rabbat and his team allocate 22 minutes for someone they just want to make fun of?

This guy, Kassem Boutah or The Arab Eagle, previously appeared on Arabs Got Talent and failed miserably.


Homophobic comments on Men El Ekhir

What’s the point of hosting a gay person in your show if you already know the other guest cannot handle him?

Check out the comments this guy got after Pierre Rabbat interviewed him about a silly video he posted on YouTube and went viral. The interview starts at 1h16m50s, and the video should automatically start playing at that mark.


We almost made it to Playboy!

Dominique Hourani claimed in a recent interview in Men El Ekhir on MTV that she once got an offer from Playboy to pose semi naked in a photoshoot and she rejected it. Not sure how true is her claim, but can you imagine the media buzz that a Lebanese model would generate if she ever made to the cover of Playboy?

I already set the video the start at the part when Dominique starts talking about the offer.


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