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Men Marti W Jerr VS. Wissam Kamal

I was watching Menna W Jerr last night and I couldn’t but notice how they copied a joke on Men Marti W Jerr segment from a performance by Wissam Kamal in 2011!

Start watching at the 2m12s mark.

Start watching at the 16s mark.

It’s a shame for a TV program that is basically built around the idea of criticizing other shows to plagiarize content this way. And worse yet, since TV still has a relatively higher reach than YouTube in Lebanon, people who will watch Wissam’s video will probably think he stole his joke from that guy and not the other way around!


Bel Jerm El Machhoud busting yet another brothel

In the first part of the show, security forces find out the place they targeted was abandoned, and therefore decide in the second part to follow the suspects to their new location where some people got the scare of their lives after getting caught in the act!

Is it about time we make prostitution legal again in Lebanon?


May Hariri VS. MTV Lebanon

Regardless if what she’s saying is true or not, one thing is for sure, it’s fun when “stars” get upset! Let’s hope it will not become a trend for every contestant in Dancing With The Stars to make a fuss out of being eliminated in the upcoming episodes!


L’Oreal ends contract with Najwa Karam for praising Hitler

Three months after Najwa Karam praised Hitler on Talk of the Town with Mona Hamze, it seemed that she did actually pay the price for the statement she made after an American Jewish blogger called Debbie Schlussel contacted L’Oreal to inform them about Najwa Karam’s interview, since she’s one of the brand’s ambassadors, which resulted in putting an end to the contract between the two.


What goes in Cinema Salwa

Mr. Maalouf either thinks we REALLY have no idea about the things that happen in theaters such as Cinema Salwa and therefore felt like documenting it for us on video, or actually have nothing else to talk about!

Amazing job, that’s basically like going to Maameltein to check if any prostitution is going around and film it.


We almost made it to Playboy!

Dominique Hourani claimed in a recent interview in Men El Ekhir on MTV that she once got an offer from Playboy to pose semi naked in a photoshoot and she rejected it. Not sure how true is her claim, but can you imagine the media buzz that a Lebanese model would generate if she ever made to the cover of Playboy?

I already set the video the start at the part when Dominique starts talking about the offer.


Michelle & Noel Keserwany – 3al Jamal bi wasat Beirut

Michelle and Noel got well known last year with their song “Jagal el USEK”, and they just released a new video called “3al jamal bi wasat Beirut” a few days ago.

You can check Michelle and Noel Keserwany’s website here, it has more of their songs, but be careful from clicking on the “microwave” link!


Alloush and Shokr now promoting Movember!

Movember, the worldwide campaign aimed to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues like prostate cancer, is now using Mustapha Alloush and Fayez Shokr fight to promote the month long event of growing mustaches by introducing subtitles to the video and make it look like they’re fighting over the size of their mustaches.

I guess there’s no need to feel ashamed of the video anymore since it’s promoting a noble cause now!

It’s be a bit hard for us who understand Arabic to focus on the subtitles alone. Best thing to do is to simply mute the sound.


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