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Ziad Rahbani 24/7


I’m a fan of Ziad Rahbani, not the kind of fans that consider him a god, but I do love his work and I was glad to stumble upon a new cool radio station that airs nothing but his plays and music!

The station is broadcasting on 105.7 MHz and I’ve been listening to it on my way to work or home over the last few days to enjoy Ziad’s jokes that never get old.

I’m not sure until when the broadcast will remain the same but I believe it won’t be long until a new radio station is launched. So for now, just enjoy the laughs and good music before trendy Arabic songs take over!

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Pierre Hachach – Ya Ret

Pierre Hachache ya ret

Uhh ok…¬†and why exactly do you need a provocative video for that song?

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Lebanese submissions to the 87th Oscar awards


I was checking some Oscar-related news today and noticed we got two submissions (but not yet shortlisted) for the awards. One for the movie “Ghadi” by George Khabbaz as the best foreign language film, and the other for Yasmine Hamdan’s song “Hal”, which was featured in the British-German movie “Only Lovers Left Alive“, as the best original song.

I sure hope at least one of these two gets shortlisted, especially Yasmine Hamdan with that super sensual performance, but the competition is usually pretty fierce.

Does anybody know if any Lebanese artwork has ever been shortlisted for the Oscars?

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Batman fans, this is for you!

If you’re a Batman fan, you’re gonna love this. The Piano guys made this epic video highlighting 50 years of Batman music, film, and BATMOBILES.


On a side note, Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice, the sequel to “Man of Steel” is due out in March 2016. Can’t wait!

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Ahmad Kaabour – Tnein Tnein

I loved this clip by Future TV! It’s been a while since they last produced a video of this caliber. It reminded me of the jingles they used to make in the ’90s.

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Yet another happy video from Lebanon

This one is sponsored by Mazzat restaurant. I loved the shots at the rock of Raouche.

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Lebanese Selfie

This one is epic!

This parody of The Chainsmokers’ Selfie is a collaboration between Olga Habre, Daniel Abdel Sater, Mark Abou Jaoude, and Beirut Night Life.

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Maya Diab copies Beyonce

This is the newest music video by Maya Diab and the one below it is 1+1’s video by Beyonce. Can you notice the similarities?

Earlier in October Haifa Wehbe’s new movie teaser also turned out to be a copy of Monica Belluci’s Malena trailer and a Martini Gold ad.

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Happy – The Lebanese version

via Joe’s Box

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Ibrahim Maalouf won Best Wold Music Album at Victoires de la Musique

ibrahim maalouf

Here’s some positive news for Lebanon! Ibrahim Maalouf, the very talented trumpeter, won a prize at Victoires de le Musique for the Best World Music Album “Illusions” which was released last year.

Les Victoires de la Musique is a prestigious annual French award ceremony to recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry, so Ibrahim Maalouf sure made it big! Congratulations!

The full list of the winners can be found here, and you can watch below Ibrahim Maalouf’s performance at the ceremony.

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