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Ahmad Kaabour – Tnein Tnein

I loved this clip by Future TV! It’s been a while since they last produced a video of this caliber. It reminded me of the jingles they used to make in the ’90s.

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Yet another happy video from Lebanon

This one is sponsored by Mazzat restaurant. I loved the shots at the rock of Raouche.

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Lebanese Selfie

This one is epic!

This parody of The Chainsmokers’ Selfie is a collaboration between Olga Habre, Daniel Abdel Sater, Mark Abou Jaoude, and Beirut Night Life.

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Maya Diab copies Beyonce

This is the newest music video by Maya Diab and the one below it is 1+1′s video by Beyonce. Can you notice the similarities?

Earlier in October Haifa Wehbe’s new movie teaser also turned out to be a copy of Monica Belluci’s Malena trailer and a Martini Gold ad.

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Happy – The Lebanese version

via Joe’s Box

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Ibrahim Maalouf won Best Wold Music Album at Victoires de la Musique

ibrahim maalouf

Here’s some positive news for Lebanon! Ibrahim Maalouf, the very talented trumpeter, won a prize at Victoires de le Musique for the Best World Music Album “Illusions” which was released last year.

Les Victoires de la Musique is a prestigious annual French award ceremony to recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry, so Ibrahim Maalouf sure made it big! Congratulations!

The full list of the winners can be found here, and you can watch below Ibrahim Maalouf’s performance at the ceremony.

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Aline Lahoud on The Voice France

Lebanese singer Aline Lahoud auditioned on The Voice France last night and had all four judges Florent Pagny, Jennifer, Mika (who’s of Lebanese origins), and Garou turn around to claim her before she decided to join Florent Pagny’s team.

aline lahoud

I’m not and was never a fan of Aline but I believe she gave an impressive performance singing Khidni Maak by her late mother Salwa Katrib. Moreover, I found it quite humble of her to audition for The Voice, while whoever appears once on TV here starts labeling himself as a celebrity, and singing competitions become a no-no for them.

Good luck to you Aline!

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Wrecking Ball – Cover by JLP

JLP is a Lebanese band of five guys who perform at several places around Beirut. You can check more about them on their Facebook page.

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Malek El Raouche ملك الروشة – Blurred Lines Lebanese Cover

This one is hilarious! The video was made by the cool people at Leo Burnett Beirut as part of an inter-agency competition. They were requested to create a video clip representing the 2010′s era and they actually won. Make sure to watch it since it really represents the scene at Raouche and some other places!

via @ZakiaDimassi

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Satanists around the world better hide themselves now


The news is everywhere, former deputy prime minister Elias El Murr has been appointed the head of INTERPOL for a seven-year term.

My thoughts are now all with the Satan worshipers (AKA heavy metal fans) around the world!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just check the below two news articles from 2003.

Forget Iraq and the looming war. Lebanon has its own battle to fight against worshippers of the devil, drawing the youth into immoral conduct and threatening the country’s image abroad.
After weeks of playing down reports of a surge in this phenomenon, Interior Minister Elias Murr and State Prosecutor Adnan Addoum have admitted on television that they are fighting to dismantle satanic cults that have sprung up in the country, but insisted that their numbers were “not big.”

They also denied rumors that had spread that members of Satanic cults were going around killing teenagers, or that some had committed suicide.

Murr said Internal Security Forces had been monitoring the abnormal behavior of some youth, and traced them to cemeteries, where they would hold their parties. But this partying developed into graveside orgies under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Source


Three Lebanese university students with images of a dragon, a skull and a fire blaze tattooed on their bellies, are under arrest on a charge of being devil worshippers. Two others, a man and a woman, were released on bail.
A published police communiqué on Friday withheld the full identity of the suspects, mentioning only their first names and initials of the family names as Danny G, Antoine K and Tewfic Q.

Their homes were raided in Ashrafieh and Jdeideh, where human skeletons symbolizing the devil were found in their apartments, said a communiqué published Friday. They were arrested and referred to State Prosecutor Adnan Addoum’s office. Source


Ok so just to set things straight, Elias El Murr was actually appointed the head of ” the Interpol Foundation for a Safer World”. The current President of Interpol is Mireille Ballestrazzi, while the current Secretary General of Interpol is Ronald Noble.

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