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Lebanese Selfie

This one is epic!

This parody of The Chainsmokers’ Selfie is a collaboration between Olga Habre, Daniel Abdel Sater, Mark Abou Jaoude, and Beirut Night Life.

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Malek El Raouche ملك الروشة – Blurred Lines Lebanese Cover

This one is hilarious! The video was made by the cool people at Leo Burnett Beirut as part of an inter-agency competition. They were requested to create a video clip representing the 2010’s era and they actually won. Make sure to watch it since it really represents the scene at Raouche and some other places!

via @ZakiaDimassi

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Dracula loves the Lebanese

GEICO by the way is a US auto insurance company known for its advertisements stressing how it takes a 15 minutes call to save 15% on car insurance using different characters.

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More parodies on the Orthodox law video

These two videos are made by Ali Zaraket, Yehya Jaber, and Hussein Ghourayyeb.

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Buzz “Khalleh el jaww wel3an” – The sequels

Buzz “Khalleh el jaww wel3an” ads > XXL ads

Make sure to also check this ad parody by Majdi & Wajdi.

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Gangnam Style – Arabs Style

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LBCI falls victim to the Facebook Inshallah button joke

You probably have heard in the last few days the joke about a new button being unveiled by Facebook to the Arabic market to allow the users in the region to respond with “Inshallah” to event invitation they receive. The joke was started by a parody website The Pan-Arabia Enquirer, and unfortunately the LBCI website fell for it! Check the article they posted here. (I expect them to delete it soon)

Following the opening of its office in Dubai, Facebook has revealed the first of what it claims will be many alterations to the social media site tailored to the local Arabic market. As of next week, users across the Middle East and North Africa will have to opportunity to respond with ‘Insha’Allah’ to an event invitation, along with the usual ‘Join’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘Decline’.

“This was the result of several focus groups across the region,” said Facebook Arabia’s Regional Solutions Manager, Majid Johnson. “Adding an ‘Insha’Allah’ button for Facebook events was by far and away the most popular request.”

Facebook Arabia also announced plans to introduce a ‘Platinum Upgrade’ specifically for GCC markets.

“This was another big winner in our focus groups,” claimed Johnson. “Facebook Platinum is going to be our premium option for the more exclusive social media user. It’s going to come with a significant signing on fee, but will offer five-star services, such as a bespoke wall and 24-hour status concierge facility, along with space for just 50 members at one time.”

Facebook Platinum is expected to launch this November.

Absolutely priceless!

Thank you @tinkeyeh


The article was removed from LBCI’s website.

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Shit Lebanese say about football

This video is made by the awesome Anthony Semaan. Make sure to check his blog over at The Football Supernova.

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A spoof of Nishan’s anti drugs commercial


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Mr. Lebanon – Assaad!


Can’t recognize the girl standing next to Mr. Lebanon Assaad? That’s Paris Hilton, and she came all the way from the USA so that she can party with him in Beirut! 😀

This is the kind of news you will see on Assaad’s website Assaadology.com, in addition to a collection of videos documenting his failures adventures with the Lebanese chicks and his techniques to seduce them. The guy is seriously unbelievable, he hits on the girls in the streets and asks his best friend Elie record it on cam!

Here’s one of my favorite videos, in which he arrives to Crepaway Achrafiyyeh in a Ferrari (yes a FERRARI), and tries to get a VIP table!

Check Assaadology.com for more photos and videos from his daily life, really funny stuff.

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