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My best sushi experience


Three years ago I hated sushi. Today, it is one of my favorite type of food. I won’t bug you with the story of how I became a fan, what I will do however, is share with you the best sushi experience I had lately which can be summarized in two words: WOK W.O.K!

I visited WOK W.O.K at Phoenicia hotel on a Thursday evening, which is one of two weekdays when they offer open sushi/salad/dessert (2nd open sushi night is Monday). This not your average cheap sushi you find on open sushi¬†day at some other places. What was available was actually a large variety of fresh salads, mouth watering sushi, and satisfying desserts. The bar offered a wide range of salads including beef, chicken, crab, salmon, etc, the tastiest sushi and sashimi that I’ve had so far (their salmon is just wow, uber wow) and the desserts themselves were not bad at all considering it is not WOK W.O.K‘s specialty.

In addition to the great food experience, the service of the super professional staff made my evening very enjoyable.

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You can devour as much salad, sushi and dessert as physically and humanely possible for 45$. I highly recommend you give WOK W.O.K a try.

First photo is via phoeniciabeirut.com


Pink Link Sunday brunch at Phonecia hotel

This video is from the Pink Link brunch happening at Eau de Vie Phoenicia on the first and last Sunday of each month with the aim of raising donations to support breast cancer.

The brunch opens between 1PM and 5PM with live entertainment and sexy nurses taking good care of you, and it costs $55 for open buffet and bar, and$ 85 for open buffet including Rose champagne.

I have no idea till when this is going to last, but I got invited to Pink Link’s first edition on January 8th and for some reason just forgot to attend! Shoot me!


Amethyste Lounge – Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut

One of the most fascinating places I have ever been to lately, that’s seriously without any exaggeration the newly opened Amethyste Lounge in Phoenicia Hotel.

Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 8

To those of you who still don’t know about it, Amethyste is a new outdoor bar and lounge that was launched on May 13th with a fabulous opening that started at noon and lasted till midnight.

Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut

So I got the opportunity to go there with a group of friends two weeks ago and had a blast! I honestly don’t know how to describe the place, and I hope the photos I included do justice to it, Amethyste is just unique and different than any place of the same category.

Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 1

Your world will be painted purple the minute you step in, even the pool water turns purple when it’s dark (due to the lightning of course), and the color is guaranteed to make up your mood if your going there after after a long day! Just the way a real lounge should be. And to complement that, chill out music is played all the time.

Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 2

The food is good, nothing tasted new to me, but the presentation is EPIC! Some plates are served in a theatrical way, for example the salad we ordered was brought in a jar, to which the waiter added the sauce and shook it like a cocktail, then put it into our plates. On the other hand, grilled meat comes to your table on a small barbecue! (yes with coals and everything)

Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 4 Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 5 Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 6

Cocktails are… you guessed it right, good as well! I think I can easily write another post about their cocktails because they have a wide variety to choose from, they actually have a separate menu for these.

Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 7

The staff is very friendly, our waiter was very helpful explaining to us about the items in their menus. What is really remarkable though is that they are cooperating to make podcasts and publish them on their blog! And I hope they continue doing it, the first episode featured Grant Collins and a guy named Haytham showing how to prepare the poolside Margarita.

Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 9

Surprisingly, and believe it or not, Amethyste is NOT overpriced. Their menus along with the pricing are available online for you to check, The Pool Menu, The Cocktail Menu, and The Main Menu.

Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 10 Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 11 Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 12

Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 13 Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 14 Amethyste Phoenicia Intercontinental Beirut 15


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