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President Donald Trump is Clueless About Lebanese Politics

It seems like Donald Trump is absolutely clueless about Lebanese politics, and listening to the things he said in the below video makes you really wonder how does he take decisions when it comes to our country and the whole region…

As you all know, PM Saad Hariri is currently on an official trip to the U.S. and has met with President Donald Trump at the oval office yesterday. Following their discussion, the two held a press conference during which Presidend Trump claimed that “Lebanon is on the frontlines in the fight against ISIS, Al-Qaeda AND Hezbollah” (watch at the 1m05s mark) while in fact Hariri’s cabinet in fact has a couple of ministers from Hezbollah, and later even calls the party a menace to Lebanon and the middle east (at the 3m35s mark).

And it didn’t just end here, when Denise Rahme Fakhri asked him about his opinion when it comes to Hezbollah and their role in Syria, Trump appeared just like he has no idea what to answer by simply claiming that he will be expressing his opinion on the next day after meeting with his “very expert military representatives”. (watch at the 10m52s mark)

I bet PM Hariri silently went through several WTF moments during the press conference.


Bachir Gemayel The Series


Bachir Gemayel is probably the most controversial Lebanese figure of our modern history whose personality was admired by his allies and opponents alike, and for the 34th commemoration of his assassination MTV Lebanon is showing a 5-episode documentary about him.

I personally have always felt curious to watch segments about Bachir’s short political life and rise to power, and there are several available documentaries on YouTube about that matter, but I believe this one is a must watch for those interested in our recent history because it was prepared by George Ghanem who already provided several great documentaries about Lebanese political parties and figures during his days at LBC. Moreover, the used material was provided by Bachir Gemayel Foundation and includes footage and speeches that were never shown before.

The episodes are being aired every Tuesday at 8:45PM with 2 episodes already out, and you can also watch them online here on MTV’s website.


Anthony Bourdain’s Episode on Beirut Was Disappointing

anthony bourdain beirut

So I finally managed to watch Parts Unknown season five finale on Beirut (via torrent download) and was quite disappointed.

The show is actually about food and travel, so I was expecting Bourdain to explore some of Beirut’s hidden gems but instead he went to Burj Al Barajneh refugee camp in the first part of the episode to learn more about the Palestinians living conditions here in the country. He then made several people speak about religious diversity and how the different sects coexist happily in Lebanon (especially Sunni and Shia these days!), and he later visited some Hezbollah supporter in Dahieh all while portraying the party as a mighty beast.

Moreover, he never failed during the episode to stress about the threat coming from the east, that is the Islamic state. So it was basically more about politics than anything else. I believe he could have simply aired some recent report about the political situation in Lebanon and spared himself a trip here.


“I am Alive” for politicians now available for download

iamalive iamalive1

You’re definitely aware of “I am Alive” app which helps Lebanese people let their loved ones know they’re safe by sending a tweet saying “I am still alive! #Lebanon #Latestbombing” through a single tap every time there’s an explosion.

Just two days ago, Sandra Hassan and Myra El Mir, the developers of this satiric app, released the VIP version of it intended for politicians to help them automatically issue condemnation statements when a bombing occurs!

Overwhelmed by the number of bombings in Lebanon? Can’t keep up with the demands to issue statements to the public?
Now you can easily tweet your reactions to yet another bombing in Lebanon.

No need to bother your communication crew with trying to come up with a new reaction to the security related events, heck you can just fire them all. This app does it all for you!

The responses provided for you have been designed by our team of highly specialized political analysts who have scourged over the stream of condemnations that have already been issued and synthesized the most effective and up to date reaction statements just for you.

It’s a fast and reliable tool. And what’s more; you can tag one of your friends in your tweet!

And if there’s a statement you think should be added to the repertoire, we’re waiting to hear from you. Just tweet at us @lebvip

I am Alive VIP is available for download on Google Play.


Wiam Wahab’s sa7sou7!

Let’s hope this won’t become a trend among Lebanese politicians! Anyone knows who’s the man who was hit?


Here’s how are the clashes like in Tripoli

Few thugs have been ruling this beautiful city for more than 5 or 6 years now, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon until one party totally defeats the other. Yet they’re almost equal in power, so it’s more like getting stuck in an endless loop.


Adel Karam’s show to start airing soon on MTV Lebanon

adel karam

I’ve been hearing for a while now about Adel Karam preparing for a new show of his own which will be quite similar to Bassem Youssef’s Al Bernameg, and it looks like it will start airing very soon since Adel Karam released the below teaser today on his Facebook account.

It better be really really good since people won’t help but compare it to Al Bernameg, and we all know Bassem Youssef has set the bar really high.


Krispy Kreme, Costa, TGI Friday’s and Signor Sassi closing down in Lebanon

americana group

I was just informed by a good friend at Americana Group in Lebanon that Krispy Kreme, Costa, TGI Friday’s and Signor Sassi are all closing down in Lebanon due to the turbulant time our economy is going through right now. Americana also manages KFC and Hardee’s as well, but these two are staying for now since they’re making profit.

I personally feel neutral about Costa, Friday’s and Signor, but I wish Krispy Kreme stays since I just love their donuts and prefer them over the overrated Dunkin’ Donuts.

It definitely sucks to be in the place of Americana or other big corporations who are all currently in survival mode, since everybody seems to prefer saving money than spending them on restaurants and luxury items. But I feel bad the most about the poeple who work at these places and will now be jobless, and these are mostly university students who work hard to pay their tuition fees.

I hope the warlords ruling this country are happy about the state we’ve come to!


Lebanese national basketball team suspended for four years

lebanese basketball

Looks like things are going from bad to worse for Lebanese Basketball. Annahar just posted a few minutes ago that the FIBA has suspended the Lebanese national team from participating in international tournaments for four years!

Wasn’t basketball the only somehow successful sport in this country? I hope politicians who have contributed to this mess are satisfied now.


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