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Fishing and falling roses at Ain El Mrayseh on the independence day

Thanks to global warming, the weather on the independence day in Beirut was just awesome! Warm temperature and -almost- clear blue skies made it perfect for a walk at Ain El Mrayseh.

Fortunately the corniche was not congested with joggers and bikers, but fishers were just everywhere, and standing at the most bizarre places!

… the guys above were actually standing right where sewage water is dumped into the sea!

How can they still eat the fish they get from the sewage water is beyond my understanding, unless they sell them to other people like the man below was doing.

However, I seem to have missed a cool initiative by the Lebanese army and Leo Burnett! At around 3:30PM, a military helicopter flew at low altitude over the Manara corniche, releasing thousands of red roses attached to miniature white parachutes, carrying a message “Bihimayat Al Jonoud, Tanmou Al Wouroud”, or “Roses flourish under the protection of our soldiers”. The operation was called “Roses from the Sky” (you can watch a video about it here)

@chaftari from Leo was kind enough to share these photos with me.

I personally had mixed feeling about this operation… what do you think?


I got a rose to decode!

Have you heard of Ivy? She has been blogging for 2 months now rebelling against some of the Lebanese society standards by motivating single girls to make the first move and hopefully have a good valentine this year instead of just waiting for guys to approach them!

Ivy's Mission

Ivy's Mission

In no time, Exotica felt excited about supporting Ivy’s cause, and they were ready to team up with her in organizing a Valentine related event called “Decode My Rose!” which consists of distributing roses to single girls to give to the guys they like!

Two girls from Exotica distributing Ivy's roses at Gemmayze

Two girls from Exotica distributing Ivy's roses at Gemmayze

So I decided to go with my fiancée last night to Gemmayze to check on the Decode My Rose campaign, and yes she made a move on me (as if she needed to do that!) by handing me this one.

The flower I got

The rose I got

And now I just have to decode it…

How to decode your rose

How to decode your rose


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