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The Only Lebanese Fashionista Worth Following on Instagram

Just like almost everyone else, I spend my fair share of time on Instagram everyday and I come across all kind of “influencers” in my feed. From entrepreneurs with inspirational quotes on every photo, to gym rats, foodies, and fashionistas who are the worst of them all! And I simply hate the latters because of their artificial photos and all the fake stories they try to create around them.

Forget all about their sponsored posts because we all whore ourselves nowadays, but some of the posts are just unbelievable. Breakfast in bed? Wine in the bathtub? Joyful 9 months pregnancy shots? Happy family photos with 2 years old babies standing still? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

Neither breakfast in bed nor wine in the bathtub are actually possible, chances are you will have breadcrumbs all over the bed sheets and soapy water in your wine glass… And don’t get me started about pregnancy and kids, the last couple of months during pregnancy are not all glam and glitter for women, and those family photos with happy toddlers in them are just a myth. Trust me, I’m a father of two little boys…


Thank u @dr_roy_moutran for always making me look beautiful ! You Rock !!! šŸ¤œšŸ»

A post shared by Jenn Zee (@bloggerwanabe) on

So with all these “influencing fashionistas” around, I recently stumbled upon @BloggerWanaBe on Instagram which is a satirical account by Sara Zeaiter (AKA Jenn Zee) that aims to pokeĀ fun at all those fake photos and videos on Instagram. Some of her posts are actually quite hilarious and make you really wonder how much effort is put by other influencers into creating those “natural” photos and videos.

Judging by her posts and stories so far she seems pretty cool, and funnily enough she has all it takes to become yet another fashionista with a followers count that just keeps increasing… so I guess it will be hard for her to turn down sponsored deals in the near future! šŸ˜‰

Anyway, make sure to follow her account @BloggerWanaBe because she seriously is the only fashionista worth following nowadays in Lebanon!


Belghalat – A Satire Musical by Michelle & Noel Keserwany

michelle and noel keserwany

The famous Michelle and Noel Keserwany are collaborating with M Media on a satirical musical called “Belghalat”. The project is made of four episodes each criticizing a certain side of life in Lebanon through their witty songs.

Judging by the songs they made so far like Jagal El Usek, 3al Jamal bi Wasat Beirut, and Zaffatleh El Tarik, I highly doubt the upcoming series will be any less better than the previous videos.

The first episode will go online on February 15th, but I have no idea if the subsequent ones will be posted on a daily or weekly basis. Anyway, for now you can watch this teaser that M Media posted today.


Bernard Hage Predictions for 2015


Bernard’s predictions are becoming a yearly traditions and the guy is in my opinionĀ funnier than most of the people you see on comedy shows nowadays.

Make sure to check his blog here. (I wish he posts more often)


Some fact checking never hurts


Some news editor at elnashra.com must have stumbled upon this old satire article about human meat that has been found in one of McDonald’s meat factories in Oklahoma and decided to make a story out of it!


This isn’t the first time a Lebanese news outlet mistakes satirical news for real, but I can’t believe editors still do this with Google being one click away from them. A simple search reveals that this story actually first originated from the fake news website Huzlers.com and then started making rounds on social media websites.

Some fact and source checking never hurt!

On a side note, my favorite burger at McDonald’s has been the “Big Tasty” for a while now!


“I am Alive” for politicians now available for download

iamalive iamalive1

You’re definitely aware of “I am Alive” app which helps Lebanese people let their loved ones know they’re safe by sending a tweet saying “I am still alive! #Lebanon #Latestbombing” through a single tap every time there’s an explosion.

Just two days ago, Sandra Hassan and Myra El Mir, the developers of this satiric app, released the VIP version of it intended for politicians to help them automatically issue condemnation statements when a bombing occurs!

Overwhelmed by the number of bombings in Lebanon? Can’t keep up with the demands to issue statements to the public?
Now you can easily tweet your reactions to yet another bombing in Lebanon.

No need to bother your communication crew with trying to come up with a new reaction to the security related events, heck you can just fire them all. This app does it all for you!

The responses provided for you have been designed by our team of highly specialized political analysts who have scourged over the stream of condemnations that have already been issued and synthesized the most effective and up to date reaction statements just for you.

It’s a fast and reliable tool. And what’s more; you can tag one of your friends in your tweet!

And if there’s a statement you think should be added to the repertoire, we’re waiting to hear from you. Just tweet at us @lebvip

I am Alive VIP is available for download on Google Play.


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