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Alexa as viewed from space

The Washington Post posted some photos that were taken yesterday by NASA of the snowstorm Alexa that hit the region last week.


The white areas on the land are all snow, another wider photo shows that even a northern area of Saudi Arabia got a little bit of snow.


On a side note, the author of the article might have to consider educating himself a bit more about the middle east as he thinks “it is quite something” to see snow around here and our neighbors!

 NASA’s Earth Observatory has posted a photo of the storm taken from space. It was taken Dec. 15, after the storm had passed and the skies had cleared; the white areas on the land are snow, not clouds. It’s quite something to see the snow across Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

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Snow in Beirut?

Well not really, these are more like graupel or snow pellets, but if we got it while “The Bride” has not reached its peak yet, then I guess we’re definitely getting much more in the next couple of days!

Beirut Snow (4)

Beirut Snow (2)

Beirut Snow (3)

Beirut Snow (1)

via Al-Jadeed TV

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The Bride storm photos

I don’t know since when did we start calling storms that hit Lebanon by names, but the storm that’s currently hitting Lebanon is called “The Bride“!

Anyway, here are some photos I found on Lebanon Weather Forecast page on Facebook showing what this storm has brought to both the mountains and coastal areas.




Kfardebian 1


Kfardebian 2





The road between Tarchich and Zahle

Tarchich Zahle





Dbayeh (via MTV Lebanon)


Stay safe and warm!!

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New Cadillac SRX ad shot in Lebanon?

The new Cadillac SRX ad looks ad if it was shot in Lebanon, especially with the “Faraya-Mzaar” sign that appears in the middle of it. But where exactly do we have such nice road here?

Thanks @MAChidiac


Amer just confirmed the ad was shot in Faraya. Ok, the ad was NOT shot in Lebanon.

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Lebanese mountaineers set to climb mount Everest

Two Lebanese mountaineers, Bassam Sfeir and Rafi Farajian, are currently making an attempt to climb mount Everest and hopefully reach the mountain’s summit like Maxime Chaya did back in 2006.

“Many times during the day and night we hear the roar of avalanches and ice crackling around the camp,” Sfeir, an experienced mountaineer, told The Daily Star in an email.

“You wake up cold, go to sleep cold, most of the time you feel uncomfortable,” Sfeir said.

“The sounds strike at your heart and instantly you start thinking and wishing of not facing this massive scary scene,” he added.

Despite the hazardous environment, the mountaineers have not been put off by the harsh weather conditions, devoting instead their time to the strenuous physical and psychological preparation needed for the climb. Source

All the luck to both of them! I just wish they got the same media support and exposure Maxime got on his expeditions.


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Diamony Ski and Fashion Festival 2012

Diamony lingerie held their annual winter fashion show at Intercontinental Mzaar in Faraya and below are the photos that were published on Demotix and International Business Times.

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Sawfar after last week’s storm

I took these photos in Sawfar last Sunday, I’ve never seen that much snow in the area before!

One good thing I noticed while driving is how better the road has become if you’re coming from Hazmieh, it used to be a living hell with the all the works that have been ongoing for more than a year now to widen the road. I guess a good part of the project is now done and the road condition became much better with separators at certain areas to keep the drivers in opposite direction from jumping to your lanes.

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Snow in Faraya covering the chairlifts

That’s how much snow there is Faraya righ now, the chairlifts are all covered!

I remember the people responsible for the pistes were struggling in the past couple of years to bring more snow into the tracks so people can actually ski, now they sure have to take lot of snow so that at least the chairlifts can operate! Anyway, one thing is for sure, the season is definitely going to last till early in May I believe!

Photos via Mzaar Ski Resorts FB page. Thanks to @peter_khayat.

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Snow for this year seems to be promising

I’ve been to Faraya on Saturday afternoon and noticed that you could see snow around you shortly after you cross Achkout roundabout and before you even reach Mayrouba or Hrajel. That’s a sight we’ve missed for the last two years I guess, which held little snow compared to what we’re used for.

Did we kiss global warming goodbye?

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Lebanon snow scenes

The Daily Star posted some very nice photos showing the aftermath of the recent snowstorm across many villages in Lebanon. Make sure you check them out here and here.



Jabal El-Sheikh

All these white scenes make you crave lunch by the chimney at one of the restaurants in the mountains. Montagnou? Erzel? Any recommendations?

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