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Geekfest Beirut Vol. 4 – The gaming edition

This edition of GeekFest Beirut is all about games and gaming. On June 17th Beirut Art Center will turn into one large gaming platform with avant premier access to newly released games by Sony & Nintendo, a Mobile Gaming platform sponsored by NOKIA and a small pavilion of vintage games for hardcore geeks sponsored by Multimedia Megastore (M2). This will be the largest Game Case in GeekFest History and a revel for all game lovers to enjoy and participate in and be challenged by other pros. As it goes we expect no less that 150 geeks to come to challenge each other in virtual battles and win prizes courtesy of Nokia, Crepaway and GoNabit.

The event will also be catered by Crepaway and 961 Beer.

Do not miss out on the fun.

Need I say more? You can check Geekfest Beirut’s pages on Facebook and Eventbrite for more details about the event.

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Facebook Beauty Salon?

Ah no, it’s FaceLook beauty salon!

Facelook beauty salon

Photo taken at Bourj Abi Haidar – Beirut.

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