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Not Every Occasion Calls for Witty Slogans

It was cool around 2009 and 2010 when Almaza used to advertise witty phrases and taglines on holidays and special occasions, but it became really annoying nowadays with every single brand in the Lebanese market attempt to do the same. To be fair some are coming up with creative stuff, but the majority end up appearing like an assignment done at the last minute.

Below are some example (read disasters*) that were done on the occasion of Army Day last week and did absolutely nothing to convince me spend a lira on the advertised goods.


Top Things to Do With Your Kid’s Brevet Certificate

Despite all the calls against firing guns in the air to celebrate the Brevet (grade 9) results today, a lot of people insisted on doing it their own way and fired off rounds into the air which unfortunately resulted in killing an 85 year old man after he was hit by a stray bullet in Baalbeck. At around 5PM I was also picking up my 3 months old baby from my parents’ house in Beirut and got outraged as I heard a bullet fall behind us on the sidewalk…

So, for all those people who felt euphoric for their kids getting this utterly stupid certificate, here are five ways you can put it to good use.

1. Paper cones

They’re cute and will add a nice touch to the party you will be throwing for your kid.

2. Paper planes

For those boring summer days.

3. Shawarma sandwich wraps

The right absorbent for those oily Shawarma sandwiches.

4. Paper mask

Something to match your silly face.

5. Shove it up your ass

Seriously, stop pretending like your kid actually accomplished something, and reflect about this while you slowly shove that certificate up your ass.

Kess ekhtak 3a ekht ebnak!


Yeah right!



The ISF can forever claim that they have their “own ways” to stop these stupid motorbikers. But in fact nothing is being done that even 12 years old kids now do wheelies on the streets!

photo via YASA


Beirut Harlem Shake

Some group is planning to organize one giant Harlem Shake dance in Beirut this Sunday February 17th and are calling for everyone to go act all funky in Mark Mkhayel near Portview Hotel to do the video!

For full details, either check the website BeirutShake.com or this Facebook event.

Let’s get stupid

Through our wars and politics, we have proved our supreme stupidity many times. Let’s set a definite milestone proving who are the stupidest people on Earth by holding a giant Beirut Harlem Shake.

Step 1
Prepare stupid props. Masks, weird costumes, whatever. If you’re lazy, you can just decide to get naked. If you’re inspired, be as spectacular as you want!

Step 2
Be at Mar Mikhail, on the stairs near Portview hotel, Sunday the 17th of February 2013 at 12:30pm sharp (That’s 30 minutes after lunch)
Hang around in the area, seem natural, hide your props, and don’t look at the person who’ll be dancing there

Step 3
When the music sounds, put your props on and dance! Later that day, check back this site to watch the video

The whole event is 10 minutes long, so don’t be late!

PS: Don’t be a Buzzkill! Fun, kinky,colorful,party, ridiculous props only. This means no flags or other BS symbols. See you there peeps!

 Links via @tramsh


Ahmad Al-Assir doing stuff!

If something will ever be written in the history of Lebanon about Ahmad Al-Assir, this blog is going to be a great reference!

Someone decided to document the very interesting life of Al-Assir online and is so far doing a great job! Make sure to check it out here.


Yara Khoury at Miss Universe 2011

If you thought Rahaf Abdallah was an exception last year, then take a look at Yara Khoury’s answers at the web interviews in Miss Universe 2011. Looks like acting stupid is the new hot thing, and I say acting because one seriously can’t be that stupid by nature!


Bank Audi is insensitive!

I really don’t understand how Bank Audi who agreed to execute the below ad to promote a new credit card is the same one who’s planning to replace one of the oldest coffee houses in Beirut, Ahwet El Ezez, with a bank!

The old man in the ad (who appears to be living in a beautiful old house) is recalling the good old days of Lebanon, when he used to commute using the tramway, and go to Saint George, Teleferique, Casino du Liban, AUB, and Carlton (which was demolished few years ago). I’m pretty sure Ahwet El Ezez fits very well in this ad, but with Bank Audi’s decision to replace it, they’re just acting like a guy who hates himself! With the memories he’s recalling, the old man in the ad would never in his life want to see Saint George being demolished for example!

Photo via Beirut Spring

I totally understand Beirut is short on spaces for big offices, but it isn’t like Ahwet El Ezez is the last available space in the city.

Bank Audi is just committing a crime against Beirut Heritage. Who do they think they are?!


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