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Happy Lebanese Army Day

For all the sacrifices the Lebanese army has made for us, it deserve much more than one day of commemoration every year. Better military equipments, be it from USA or Iran, and unconditional support from all the political parties are definitely the least our fellow troops should be granted. (And possibly less requests to make video clips)


Mashrou’ Leila crowd-funding their third album Raasuk

I love Mashrou’ Leila. Even though I sometimes find it hard to understand the lyrics coming out of Hamed’s mouth but I just love their music.

Mashrou’ Leila are now about to release their third album titled “Raasuk”, but they’re not willing to sign a contract with any of the existing production companies in order not to make any compromises over their music, so they’re seeking help from their fans in order to raise at least $66,000 to design beautiful album art, print CDs, posters, flyers, make quality video clips, and play concerts with quality sound systems.

If you feel like helping them out, head over to Zoomaal and donate whatever amount you want. For any contribution above $5, you will earn a reward from the band ranging from a public thank you on their website to a private concert party on Skype and a dinner cooked by themselves.


In support of the Lebanese army

I’ve been noticing some traffic signs and parking meter machines around Achrafieh with stickers on them calling to take a stand with the Lebanese army.

park meter sign

I’m all for supporting the Lebanese army, but isn’t that also considered as an act of vandalism?

Second photo via @nicolasehnaoui


Lebanese Olympic team were not provided with a formal attire!

I’m not quite surprised with our government not providing the appropriate support to our Olympic team this year, but to disregard providing them with a formal attire is too much. Swimmer Katya Bachrouche wrote that the team had to make their entrance in warm-ups with duct-tape to cover the excess logos!

Still, we were of course laughing at the Egyptian team because they were provided with fake suits ignoring that our team had nothing to wear.


And so Octavia Nasr had to explain her tweet!

All hell broke loose after Octavia Nasr expressed sadness through a tweet over the death of a person she had great respect for, Sayed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.

“Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah.. One of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot..#Lebanon”

With all the criticism she got, Octavia had to explain what she really meant in a blog post on CNN blogs.

Mustapha from Beirut Spring, and Liliane from Independence ’05 wrote about the issue and explained that there’s a big difference between showing support and showing respect. I won’t go with repeating their words since I believe the Israelis know very well what the difference is, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah himself once said in one of his speeches that he respects the Israelis because they’re known for not leaving their injured and dead soldiers behind. Now do you think Nasrallah supports Israel?!

The thing is that the Israelis were just waiting for a small mistake from Octavia Nasr to start firing at her, which forced her to eventually explain herself in a blog post. If that shows anything, it’s how great is the Israeli influence over the world media in general and the US media in specific…

Update (2010/7/8):

She got fired…!!


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