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The Sweet Treat You Should Try This Ramadan


If there’s an under-rated Arabic sweet shop around Beirut then it must be Al-Daouk in the Cola area.

The owner of the shop created back in the 80’s this really awesome dessert and named it after his family, hence the name “Daoukieh”. It’s made of Ashta (think cream) mixed with cashew nuts and fixed between two layers of ground pistachio puree. What makes all the difference with this dessert is the use of quality ingredients, be it the fresh Ashta or the premium pistachio. The result are the above little green appealing pieces of heaven that explode with rich flavor in your mouth.

The reason I’m writing about the Daoukieh is that I still encounter a lot of people who have never heard of it. So if you want to treat yourself to some really good Arabic dessert this Ramadan make sure it is the Daoukieh. Al-Daouk Sweets is located very close to the Beirut Arab University in Cola, anybody in the region will be able to provide you with directions to it, and the non-stop traffic jam near the shop is totally worth it. It sells for 24,000L.L/Kg.

I’m aware by the way of the other alternatives to Daoukieh such as Bohsalino and Safsoufieh, but trust me on this, Daoukieh is the real deal.


Hallab 2 – Doueihy 1

I’m not sure if Hallab’s last reply is real and already on the streets, but it’s definitely cool if they did it!

hallab doueihy


Some northern thieves must have a sweet tooth!


According to Naharnet, a truck loaded with sweets worth around $15,000 was robbed by unknown thieves on Sunday night in Akkar.

Thieves robbed on Sunday night a van loaded with candies and sweets in the town of Zouk Halba in the northern region of Akkar, reported the National News Agency Monday.

It said that the van was loaded with almost 15,000 dollars worth of sweets upon the robbery.

It was later found on the side of a main highway in Akkar devoid of its products.

Investigations are underway to uncover the assailants. Source

This reminds me of a similar theft that took place in Germany where 5 tonnes of Nutella were robbed from a parked van. Anyway, that’s the kind of robberies I wouldn’t mind being an accomplice in!


Lebanese specialties by L’Orient-Le Jour

I just found L’Orient-Le Jour is making a video series around Lebanon to introduce people to the Lebanese specialties from Sfiha Baalbakiyyeh, to Kibbe Nayyeh, Moujaddara and much more.

The last video was published yesterday about Halewet El-Jeben, a specialty from Tripoli, and featuring Abdel Rahman Hallab’s grandson, Zaher Hallab.

You can check the other specialties on L’Orient-Le Jour’s YouTube Channel. They’re all in french of course…


Le Gustav Hamra

If you happen to be passing by Hamra some time and feel like craving some sugar, make sure to drop by Le Gustav at Antoun Gemayel street. The place is very small and cozy, with 2 friendly chefs, Khaled and Noor, who never get bored of explaining to you how everything gets done in their kitchen and the ingredients they use.

Their menu has a wide variety of items and I personally recommend you try any of these three: Chocolate Pavè, Red Velvet cake with cream cheese, and Fleur-de-lis.


Ramadan in Tripoli

Tripoli is one of the cities that I personally can never get bored of. I was there last Sunday and about to come back to Beirut at around 3:00PM when I decided to waste some additional time at any random souk since there was still plenty of time till Iftar.

And so I went to Al Tall souk (the same one I previously visited) to see how does it look like now in Ramadan. Needless to say, I was encountering sweets and juice vendors everywhere in the small souk, in addition to huge stocks of vegetables in the small stores since everyone gets crazy about buying them in Ramadan, and of course the place was much crowded than last time.

The guy in the left image is selling Kharroub, a sour juice that I disliked a LOT! While on the right image the guy is selling Moghrabiyyeh platters for 3,000 L.L only!

My next stop was at Abdel Sattar Al Tom sweets in Al Zahriyyeh.

Maamoul bi ashta, Kneifeh bi ashta, and Mafroukeh! *Yummy*

Across the street from Al Tom, there’s anther shop that sells almost all kind of kaak and bread. My favorite is the kaak that can be grilled with cheese stuffed inside (it’s called Alleeta there) which can be the best souhour in Ramadan!

I might be going to Tripoli again next week and probably the week after, what other places do you recommend that I go visit?


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