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No Chance – انقرضوا الرجال بلبنان

This woman is hilarious. I guess she was just requested to chose the word of the day and she ended up coming up with all of this!

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Wiam Wahab’s sa7sou7!

Let’s hope this won’t become a trend among Lebanese politicians! Anyone knows who’s the man who was hit?

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Fail – Rymco really values your thoughts

Can you believe big brands still make these faux pas online? Some social media “guru” must be running their account!

rymco twitter


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Very old Abou Fouad “Yes 3 in 1” ads

How awesome are these vintage ads of Yes 3 in 1 featuring Abou Fouad? I couldn’t stop playing them over and over!

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The greatest Chi.N.N episode so far

If you haven’t watched Chi.N.N latest episode yet then make sure to do so now. 30 Minutes is all it took for Salam Zaatari to tell the sad truth about Lebanon nowadays.

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Syrian TV Fail

syrian tv fail

via @TrellaLB

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Men El Ekhir – Arab Eagle

The average interview time on Men El Ekhir is around 10 to 12 minutes I guess, so why exactly would Pierre Rabbat and his team allocate 22 minutes for someone they just want to make fun of?

This guy, Kassem Boutah or The Arab Eagle, previously appeared on Arabs Got Talent and failed miserably.

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Anthony Touma to participate in the finals of The Voice France

way to go!

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Mashrou’ Leila’s performance on Al Bernameg

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Staged kidnap on Alam El Sabah

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