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eezmeez graffiti

For those who don’t know about it yet, eezmeez.com is a Lebanese online t-shirt store offering cool and sarcastic designs. I got to try them earlier this month and was quite happy with the t-shirt I got.


My main concerns when it comes to buying clothing items online is how good the fabric will be, and if I’ll get my size correctly, but fortunately eezmeez got these two covered.

The overall ordering process was quite smooth and easy. Regarding the size, I had absolutely no difficulty choosing the right one thanks to their T-shirt size guide which specifies the dimensions of each size they have. And when I got the t-shirt, it turned out of a really superior quality.

tshirt 1

The t-shirts prices start at $20 for kids and $24 for adults (for both men and women), which I believe is fair given their original designs, plus an additional $4 delivery charge if you’re in Beirut and the surroundings, or a bit more depending on how far from Beirut is your location, and it’ll take up to 7 days for your t-shirt to get delivered.

Make sure to check their collection if you would like to order one of their t-shirts. I personally got the jongar one in the above photo, which along with the other designs make a cool gift idea in my opinion.


P.F. Chang’s ABC Achrafieh

P.F. Chang’s, the popular Chinese-American chain, opened in ABC Achrafieh around a month ago, and I decided to try it out last week because of all the positive feedback I heard from some friends who have tried it in Dubai.

The place has a really nice interior and is being almost always packed that you feel so lucky if you can get yourself a table, especially on weekends.

Anyway, back to food business, we were a group of 6 people and decided to share several dishes among which were Dynamite Shrimp, Chicken Lettuce Wrap, Crispy Honey Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Singapore Street Noodles, and a couple more seafood dishes.

The food tasted all great, and was much different that any other Chinese restaurant in town (especially Chopsticks). And best of all, the menu covers a variety of tastes from chicken to seafood to beef to vegetarian but is not dominated by the sauces you often encounter at other restaurants like sweet and sour, mushroom and others.

The appetizer I liked the most was the Dynamite Shrimp consisting of fried shrimp covered with yellow spicy sauce. It felt a bit too spicy for some, but it was really good! On the other hand, Mongolian Beef was my favorite main dish consisting of tender steak cooked with scallions.

And if you’ve got room for dessert at the end, try their Great Wall of Chocolate. It has 6 layers, and the below photo definitely doesn’t do justice to how big the portion is.

Overall, and even though it’s not the traditional Chinese cuisine we lack in Lebanon, P.F. Chang’s is definitely recommended to try at least once since it offers something totally new here.


Sareen brought to my attention that I forgot to mention how is the food priced at P.F. Chang’s. Here you go, starters vary between 9,000L.L and 21,000L.L (Dynamite Shrimp is for 21,000L.L), soups and salads are between 7,000L.L and 22,000L.L, while main dishes are almost all between 25,000L.L and 28,000L.L except for seafood dishes that are in the 30’s.


Racing and wheelies at Ouzai

Now that the weather feels good for people to go outdoors, the Ouzai road is literally turning into a racing circuit on weekends with tens of bikes everywhere either racing or pulling wheelies. And although it’s a two-way road, some bikers just choose to do their stunts while driving in the opposite direction of traffic!

The video below I shot yesterday shows how does it feel like to drive there with a car on a Sunday.


Sawfar after last week’s storm

I took these photos in Sawfar last Sunday, I’ve never seen that much snow in the area before!

One good thing I noticed while driving is how better the road has become if you’re coming from Hazmieh, it used to be a living hell with the all the works that have been ongoing for more than a year now to widen the road. I guess a good part of the project is now done and the road condition became much better with separators at certain areas to keep the drivers in opposite direction from jumping to your lanes.


Pasta Di Casa Clemenceau

Pasta Di Casa has got to be one of the best restaurants I’ve been to over the past months, a true gem! Located at the end of Jounblat street in Clemenceau, the restaurant’s exterior doesn’t look pretty much appealing, but the inside is really nice, it has a quiet simple decoration with old family photos on the walls making it feel so cozy.

Upon receiving our order, a couple of appetizers and a main dish for each of us, were surprised by how generous their portions are, in fact 3 our of the 4 of us didn’t even finish their meals.

I personally had a half portion of lasagna and tasted a bit of one of their steaks (“coeur de filet” I think) and shrimp pasta, all of which were really really good.

A meal for two with soft drinks at Pasta Di Casa will probably cost you 50,000L.L or even less, and the place if definitely recommended.


Leil Nhar & Classic Burger Joint coming to Hamra

I was passing by Hamra yesterday and noticed that Leil Nhar and Classic Burger Joint will soon be opening at the end of the main street next to Pastai.

Leil Nhar is by the way replacing Burger Nation who’s service has deteriorated drastically in the last few months!


Meshtah Dagher – Haret Sakhr

This small kiosk called “Meshtah Dagher” on Haret Sakhr main road has some really great Saj Manakish. For some reason the guy there (Charbel) refers to them as “Meshtah”, which to my knowledge is a kind of bread, while in fact the Manakish he makes are actually called “Mashrouha”. Anyway whatever they’re called, they just taste great!

Charbel is pretty generous with the ingredients, be it zaatar, cheese, or keshk, while the dough is thin and light, the kind that doesn’t make you feel stuffed when you’re done. Definitely worth a try when you’re passing by on a morning.


Abou Sako’s big burger

Have you ever tasted this Big Burger at Abou Sako?

It’s about the size of a small pizza (20 cm) and full of your typical Lebanese burger ingredients, loads of mayo and ketchup with coleslaw salad and fries. It does a great job when you’re starving, and tastes good for a Lebanese burger, really!

Abou Sako has a variety of other sandwiches, just like any other food joint in the city, but is known to be very generous with his portions and ingredients, and yes they’re good too.

If you’re curious to check it out, it’s located at the Hayek roundabout in Sin El-Fil.


Le Relais de l’Entrecote Beirut

The name pretty much says all what this restaurant has to offer, entrecote meat. I went there a while ago an totally loved it. They have a fixed menu consisting of a lettuce-and-walnut salad as a starter, followed by two servings of steak cooked to your taste with butter sauce and fries on the side. And trust me, the steak is really really GOOD, I had mine medium cooked.

A dinner for two with drinks will cost you around $75-80, and I know you would be paying less than that for a bigger portions at e Cafe, but Le Relais de l’Entrecote offers a really different (don’t read better) experience and atmosphere that are worth paying for.

While one could save Le Relais for romantic dinners, e Cafe is to me more suitable for casual outings, and they’re both my favorites.

Le Relais de l’Entrecote is located at Abdel Wahab el-Inglizi street and has two other branches at Verdun and Downtown.


Faraya ski slopes

I went skiing in Faraya yesterday for the first time this year, and it was really great with so much snow on and off the slopes.

Starting Faraya main square, the road was packed with the Sunday crowd but surprisingly there was not much people on pistes. And no I’m not complaining about it!


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