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Tyre Set a World Record for The Largest Fruit Cocktail Cup

Just when you thought the craze for breaking food related world records is over in Lebanon, a new Guinness record was set in Tyre for the largest fruit cocktail cup that was 2.35m long and weighed around 1 tonne as part of the city’s shopping and tourism festival.

I really don’t understand why municipalities keep on organizing such event a I personally find them to be really meaningless. At the end it isn’t like the cup is going to last for a whole month there to attract people to the city and really help boost their festival..!


Lebanese couple marries on Skype

skype marriage

I just stumbled upon this article from Annahar today about a Lebanese couple from Tyre who got married on Skype since the bride, Hawraa Said, lives here in Lebanon while the groom, Assaad Fakhoury, is in the US. Check all about it here.

Technology for the win!!


Golden owl spotted in Tyre


Following the dolphins that were spotted near Jounieh few months ago, and the seal lion in Tyre last week, workers in Hiram Hospital spotted four golden owls in the hospital’s garden today.

Workers in Hiram Hospital were surprised to spot on Thursday four golden owls in the hospital’s garden in Tyre, noting that this kind of bird is uncommon to the country’s wildlife.

A Golden owl is characterized with far vision, particularly in low light, and is dubbed “cleaner of the environment” and “farmer-friendly” since this bird feeds on rats and insects.

According to some experts, the aforementioned species are coming to Lebanon due to climate change since this phenomenon has a significant direct effect on animals. Source

I wonder what’s coming next!


Maura Connelly’s bodyguards harass two women in Hamra

Maura Connelly

Is the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon Maura Connelly now determined on creating a mess every time she goes out on weekends?

First her convoy drove over some ancient ruins in Tyre and damaged a stone wall two weeks ago, and just yesterday, her bodyguards harassed Lebanese actress Yara Abou Haidar and one of her Egyptian friends at Dar Bistro in Hamra where Connelly was having a coffee. You can read all about the incident in this article by Al-Akhbar.

via @AbirGhattas


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