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You Now Need A Special Permit To Fly Your Drone in Lebanon

The Lebanese Army announced two days ago that from now on drone owners in Lebanon need to apply for a licence from the Air Force, and they have three months to comply with this requirements. Moreover, a special permit will be needed from the Army Guidance Office each time they want to fly these drones especially around military bases.

I’m not sure how serious is the army going to be about applying this new regulation since they issues a similar memo two years ago but few people seem to have complied with it.

Other countries such as UAE and Kuwait have implemented similar regulation and I believe it’s about time to regulate drone usage in Lebanon, not necessarily everywhere but at least around sensitive locations such as Beirut Airport since it is very close to residential areas and any drone there can disrupt the air traffic just like what happened in Dubai last October.


Air Arabia fixed Lebanon’s map!

Seems like someone at Air Arabia felt like Lebanon’s map is too wide from the top so he/she decided to fix it!

But seriously now, how can someone get a map wrong in 2014?!

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Peeta Planet – Beirut Episode

PeetaPlanet™ is a travel series about two brothers from the United Arab Emirates who go on a worldwide, social media influenced, journey of cultural interaction. We call it #SocialTravel

Season One will features Singapore, Turkey, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, USA, Argentina, Kenya, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

At the time of filming this episode, most countries were issuing warnings to avoid trips to Lebanon. We decided to go anyway. The majority of our crew were Americans and had never been there before. Everything they knew about Lebanon was in the context of decades of civil war, bombings and assassinations. On top of this, their families in the US were worried and rightfully so. How else is one to feel when the majority of news about a country is that of danger and unrest?

What we found during our time there were young thought-leaders who acknowledged the challenges of living in Lebanon, yet decided to stay and help influence positive change. This is their story.

As for the crew… Lebanon turned out to be one of their favorite destinations. Should you decide to visit the middle east then we recommend you try Lebanon. It will change your perspective completely.

For more about Peeta Planet, you can check out their pages on Facebook and YouTube.

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Just Falafel coming to Lebanon

I was passing by Bechara El-Khoury a few days ago when I noticed Just Falafel will soon be opening there close to Falafel Sahyoun.

I recall hearing about Just Falafel from some of my friends living in Dubai, and what basically makes it special is that it offers various Falafel mixes which are Lebanese, Indian, Greek, Egyptian, Emirati, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese.

Let’s see how will it taste compared to our local Falafel joints such as Sahyoun or Khalife for example…


Sheikh Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan BUSTED

I stumbled upon this video today showing “Sheikh” Issa bin Zayed Al Nahyan torturing a guy in the deserts, the worst part is when a police appears in the video supporting the sheikh in beating and torturing the poor guy.

The video has created kind of a rage across the forums, blogs and new sites on the internet, and here’s a sample of the web pages mentioning the incident:



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