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#TogetherAsOne Alex Demirdjian Racing at Spa Francorchamps for Lebanon and Armenia

After racing for Lebanon at Monza, and racing for Armenia at Paul Ricard, Alex Demirdjian and his team are racing this time at the Circuit Spa Francochamps in Belgium in the name of both countries raising the slogan #Driveforlife.

This stage of the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup in Belgium is Total 24 Hours of Spa, and Alex along with his team will be revving the Ferrari 488’s engine for an ultimate test of endurance in the Pro-Am category race. So let’s wish them a good luck and hope for a good result!

I have already uploaded a video of Alex making a full lap around the circuit last night, and you can also follow the race live today on www.blancpain-gt-series.com/live.


Alex and the team scored a new milestone with a third-place finish in Spa Francorchamps’ 24-hour race! It wasn’t all easy for them though as they received three penalties throughout the race but still managed to make it.

They originally took off from the 7th position but thanks to their successful strategy and the alternation of drivers especially during the last four hours of the race, Dermidjian and the two other drivers managed to finish on the podium and eventually raise the Lebanese and Armenian flags together.


Engineering Lessons from Beirut

A group of workers were demolishing an old building in the Ras El Nabeh region of Beirut when it suddenly collapsed and filled the surrounding street with rubble that almost reached people who were observing the process, and definitely damaged some of the parked cars nearby.

You can’t but admire the contractors for the safety standards they’re working with. It tells a lot about the quality of the building that will soon be constructed there!


Saad Hariri Miming Despacito

AYAM Serious” shared on Facebook & Instagram last night a funny video compilation of PM Saad Hariri miming Luis Fonsi’s Despacito and ended up getting a couple of interactions on insta from Hariri himself!

At a time when some politicians are filing lawsuits against TV stations, journalistsand the so called “Facebook activists”, it’s good to see others engaging in the online conversation about them even if it was a joke like the one above. They’re public figures at the end and people have the right to talk about them the way they want.

No matter what you hear about freedom of speech in Lebanon, truth is we have a long way to become like modern countries where media outlets butcher the politicians and hold them accountable for their actions and decisions without facing any legal troubles…


Fayrouz Preparing For A New Album?

Fayrouz’s daughter, Reema Rahbany, has been posting a series of teaser-like videos on Facebook over the last 4 day all showing Fayrouz in a recording studio apparently working on a new single or album.

The videos have no caption or description but I really hope a new project is in the making. And if it is the case, then it would be interesting to know the musicians she is collaborating with. She usually works with her son Ziad Rahbany, but I recall he mentioned in one of his interviews that they were not on good terms over the last few years and I’m not sure whether they reconciled or not.

You can check all the videos on Reema’s Facebook profile.

On a side note I’ve never seen Fayrouz performing live, so I also hope a concert is in the making this summer because I really would like to see her on stage at least once before she retires.


Old Footage From The Opening of The Beirut-Tripoli Railway in 1942

I’m pretty sure we will never witness something similar to this during our lifetime.

This video I just found on YouTube shows old footage from the opening of the Beirut-Tripoli railway line on December 20th 1942 which was at that time the last link in the Cairo-London line, and you can see the Lebanese president back then Alfred Naccache present at the event (at the 1m56s mark).

This railway was by the way also connected at that time to Haifa in Palestine, but following the Israeli occupation in 1948 and civil war that erupted in Lebanon in 1975, it almost all disappeared except for a small portion that is currently still operational nowadays between Nahariya and Haifa in northern Occupied Palestine. (Source)

As you watch the video you can easily identify Naher El Kaleb at the beginning and probably Jbeil at the 1m10s mark, but it gets difficult (at least for me) to identify the areas that later show.


Stunning Video of The Milky Way Rising Over Akoura

I absolutely love the astronomy photography and time lapse videos Moophz shares online from around Lebanon!

His most recent work is a time lapse video of the milky way rising horizontally above Jerd Al Akoura in North Lebanon. I just watched it in Full HD on my laptop and it’s just stunning, so make sure to watch it in high resolution on whatever device you’re using.

You can see more of these eye candies he takes around Lebanon and abroad on his website and Facebook page.


Are You Following M Media’s Growing Collection?

I subscribed to M Media a few months ago for the sole purpose of watching Bennesbe Labokra Chou again, but soon after I did it I found it hard to cancel my subscription because of their growing collection with titles that never cease to impress me. (They’re soon adding Film Ameriki Tawil by the way)

I personally usually avoid watching Lebanese movies in theaters unless they’re REALLY good, but I still like to watch them in the comfort of my living room (yes even the likes of BéBé). However unlike western movies/series, Lebanese ones are much harder to find online, and M Media has been recently making some great effort adding titles that were produced over the last few years ranging from drama to comedy and documentaries, in addition to famous old plays from the 90s such as “3ammti Najibeh” and “3arisein midreh men wein” with all content being in very good quality. So I have lately been spending time watching stuff that I missed in theater over the last few years (and also learned that Carlos Azar always lands the Jagal roles in his movies).

At $5/month I guess it’s a good deal, and while I know the people at M are doing their best to get more productions onto their platform, I wish they also add old movies from the 70s and 80s such as the ones by the late Maroun Baghdadi for example, I always read he made some great movies during that era but I rarely had access to them. I also don’t think anyone would mind watching Ahmad El-Zein and Mohamad El-Mawla all over again in those cool action movies from the early civil war days!


Awesome Aerial Video From Around Lebanon

I know YouTube is infested with Lebanese drone shot videos but some just stand out and are too good not to share. The one below is produced by Dark Matters and is available in UHD resoultion, so if you have a suitable display and a hopefully fast connection just let it load in 4K and enjoy the cool shots and music.


BBC Pop Up – Lebanon: Pimps, Prostitutes and Refugees

Here’s BBC Pop Up latest video from Lebanon. In this one, Benjamin Zand basically explores our red light districts. And just like he did with his video about drugs in Lebanon, he met with some local pimp who explained all about his “business” including lawfully locking up the women who work for him… and he interviewed some Syrian refugees who unfortunately had to turn to prostitution to survive.

As you know, following their previous video about Hachich production in Bekaa, the security forces raided the homes of some of the biggest dealers in that region (but failed to arrest them), which makes me wonder if the same thing is going to happen with this pimp now…


Cat Kicker John Saad Gets a Dose of El 3ama!

You probably have all seen those aweful videos of a guy called John Saad kicking cats just for the fun of it. And it’s quite frustrating that there’s little to be done with such people in the absence of a law that ctiminalizes these acts.

But in the age of social media, viral videos naming and shaming such dumb fucks can sometimes do justice to the poor animals. Case in point, El 3ama’s comment about it!

Kicking a cat??? really??!!!

Hayda el video Fashit Khele2 la elna kelna.

Posted by El 3ama on Friday, March 17, 2017

Add to that Google’s power to quickly index webpages mentioning John Saad’s name, and BAM! you’re guaranteed visits from potential employer googling the name of John Saad (oops just mentioned it again) for background checking, only for them to find out that *wait for it* John Saad is a cat kicker! 😉


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