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Saddam Hussein & Hassan Nasrallah at Virgin Megastore

I came across these 2 books at Virgin Megastore.

Le tresor de saddam

Rouge Liban objectif Hassan Nasrallah

1. “Le Trésor de Saddam:1 Les milliard de dollars au soleil!”

2. “Rouge Liban, Objectif: Hassan Nasrallah le chef du Hezbollah!”

I have no idea what the 2 books are about but it’s cool seeing the names of Saddam Hussein and Hassan Nasrallah associated with the cover photos!

P.S: I hope this post will not cause a rage in the streets soon.

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Virgin & UFA buildings in Beirut

Expecting some elections billboards? Sorry to disappoint you, today I’m sharing with you 2 photos I have taken in downtown Beirut showing Virgin and UFA buildings in the martyr’s square.

ufa_small virgin_small

Eikhir injeizeiteh!

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