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Ellie Goulding live at Biel next week

Compared to all the artists coming to Lebanon this summer, Ellie Goulding’s concert on July 23rd at Biel is definitely going to be the biggest act this season!

I already got my tickets from Mix FM and you can reserve yours online at Ticketing Box Office or at any Virgin store in Lebanon.

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Saddam Hussein & Hassan Nasrallah at Virgin Megastore

I came across these 2 books at Virgin Megastore.

Le tresor de saddam

Rouge Liban objectif Hassan Nasrallah

1. “Le Trésor de Saddam:1 Les milliard de dollars au soleil!”

2. “Rouge Liban, Objectif: Hassan Nasrallah le chef du Hezbollah!”

I have no idea what the 2 books are about but it’s cool seeing the names of Saddam Hussein and Hassan Nasrallah associated with the cover photos!

P.S: I hope this post will not cause a rage in the streets soon.

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Virgin & UFA buildings in Beirut

Expecting some elections billboards? Sorry to disappoint you, today I’m sharing with you 2 photos I have taken in downtown Beirut showing Virgin and UFA buildings in the martyr’s square.

ufa_small virgin_small

Eikhir injeizeiteh!

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