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O1ne club Beirut paint up

O1ne is a new club near Biel that is set to open its doors this winter. 16 International artists have worked a while ago to create this massive graffiti on its wall.

I’m still not sure by the way how are we supposed to spell “O1ne”! one? o-one-ne?


Snow in Beirut?

Well not really, these are more like graupel or snow pellets, but if we got it while “The Bride” has not reached its peak yet, then I guess we’re definitely getting much more in the next couple of days!

Beirut Snow (4)

Beirut Snow (2)

Beirut Snow (3)

Beirut Snow (1)

via Al-Jadeed TV


Diamony Ski and Fashion Festival 2012

Diamony lingerie held their annual winter fashion show at Intercontinental Mzaar in Faraya and below are the photos that were published on Demotix and International Business Times.


Sawfar after last week’s storm

I took these photos in Sawfar last Sunday, I’ve never seen that much snow in the area before!

One good thing I noticed while driving is how better the road has become if you’re coming from Hazmieh, it used to be a living hell with the all the works that have been ongoing for more than a year now to widen the road. I guess a good part of the project is now done and the road condition became much better with separators at certain areas to keep the drivers in opposite direction from jumping to your lanes.


Time to stock up on candles

Energy and Water Minister Jibran Bassil said the country would witness more electricity cuts, adding that he had submitted several emergency plans to Cabinet in a bid to temporarily resolve the crisis but to no avail.

Several areas in Lebanon have been suffering from increased electricity cuts due to the rainy season. This is especially true in south Lebanon, where many have complained that electricity only comes for four hours on a daily basis. Source

Some areas are currently merely getting 4 hours of electricity a day, and I imagine they wont be getting any if the situation gets really worse as Bassil is claiming! Needless to say, that’s great news to the generators mafia.


The Daily Star has another article related to the electricity in Lebanon, telling about one of the Ministry of Finance buildings in Bechara El-Khoury hosting the revenue department, being forced to stop operations and turning down people during the 3 hours power cuts in Beirut because it doesn’t have any backup source of electricity. Unbelievable!


Lebanon snow scenes

The Daily Star posted some very nice photos showing the aftermath of the recent snowstorm across many villages in Lebanon. Make sure you check them out here and here.



Jabal El-Sheikh

All these white scenes make you crave lunch by the chimney at one of the restaurants in the mountains. Montagnou? Erzel? Any recommendations?


K-Lynn lingerie fashion show at Faraya Mzaar

K-Lynn Lingerie held their annual winter fashion show at Faraya Mzaar last Saturday, March 6 2010, which is usually inspired by Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. Here are some of the photos I found on the web for the event!


On heavy rain

What’s the real use of a drainage system if it is unable to remove water when it heavily rains? Or is it designed in Lebanon to just accommodate the water that comes out of Im Salim’s house lama toshtof bayta?

To¬† my bad luck I was on the road in Tarik El-Jadida when it was heavily raining in Beirut today, I’ll just leave the photos to speak about how bad the situation was there.

rain in beirut 1

rain in beirut 2

rain in beirut 3

rain in beirut 4

rain in beirut 5


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