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Engineering Lessons from Beirut

A group of workers were demolishing an old building in the Ras El Nabeh region of Beirut when it suddenly collapsed and filled the surrounding street with rubble that almost reached people who were observing the process, and definitely damaged some of the parked cars nearby.

You can’t but admire the contractors for the safety standards they’re working with. It tells a lot about the quality of the building that will soon be constructed there!


Ah Ya Habileh!

Two days ago ago a man attempted to shoot some fire in the air during a wedding in Bteghrine but ended up critically injuring a photographer when he lost control over his gun. (Source)

What’s even worse is that the photographer was then rushed to the hospital but not admitted until three men attacked the ER staff which eventually led to the arrest of the groom!

Talk about a memorable wedding party…

On a side note I’m glad the security forces are finally putting efforts to arrest those gun freaks and I hope it isn’t just a temporary thing.


Top Things to Do With Your Kid’s Brevet Certificate

Despite all the calls against firing guns in the air to celebrate the Brevet (grade 9) results today, a lot of people insisted on doing it their own way and fired off rounds into the air which unfortunately resulted in killing an 85 year old man after he was hit by a stray bullet in Baalbeck. At around 5PM I was also picking up my 3 months old baby from my parents’ house in Beirut and got outraged as I heard a bullet fall behind us on the sidewalk…

So, for all those people who felt euphoric for their kids getting this utterly stupid certificate, here are five ways you can put it to good use.

1. Paper cones

They’re cute and will add a nice touch to the party you will be throwing for your kid.

2. Paper planes

For those boring summer days.

3. Shawarma sandwich wraps

The right absorbent for those oily Shawarma sandwiches.

4. Paper mask

Something to match your silly face.

5. Shove it up your ass

Seriously, stop pretending like your kid actually accomplished something, and reflect about this while you slowly shove that certificate up your ass.

Kess ekhtak 3a ekht ebnak!


Wall Dabke is Now a Thing?

It started with this video from Australia spreading on Facebook and now people want to imitate it and some as going as far as using the ceiling to dance upside down.

We earlier had Tirashrash and Jenno Notto, please don’t make this trend!


The Garbage Crisis is BACK!

Everyone remembers that white powder we had become accustomed to last year during the garbage crisis. That white powder used to keep away insects, pests and whatnot. Well guess what? That white powder is back in full force, well at least in the Metn region, and it is a clear indicator that a new crisis is upon us.

Check these few pictures I snapped today during my morning commute (Mansourieh, Mkalles and Sin el Fil)


Our Silliest Record Breaking Attempt to Date


Earlier last week, a friend told me that the organizers of BIAF (Beirut International Awards Festival) are planning to lay down the world’s longest red carpet as part of their 2-day event. The red carpet is expected to start somewhere in Hamra, then goes towards Achrafieh and all the way through downtown to Zaytouna Bay where the ceremony is taking place.

At first I was mainly concerned about the traffic jam this red carpet will be causing on a weekday. But after spotting parts of it on my way to work this morning, I think the traffic jam is absolutely not a problem compared to how hideous it looks!


The thing doesn’t qualify as a red carpet. It’s barely a piece of red cloth, and it seems that some genius decided to lay it down last night and cars eventually ended up tearing it down.

The end result is needless to say, bahdaleh. I wish all the money that was put into this silly attempt to make it into the Guinness Book was allocated for something more meaningful, like helping Rozine get that liver transplant maybe!


Al Joumhouria Publishes the Darndest Articles


A Lebanese lady who had her credit card information stolen and used to make several transactions reported the incident to some journalist in Al Joumhouria last week. And unfortunately for us, the latter decided to take matters in her own hands to investigate the issue and came up with some really messed up conclusions.

According to the journalist, it seems like TV receivers now pose a threat because they can get infected by a virus named “talk talk” through the satellite dishes, in addition to a new device that costs $200 to build and can steal a card information by simply placing it next to it… yeah a sane person holding a degree in journalism is actually convinced about that. Make sure to read the full article here.

I have no idea how on earth is a TV receiver supposed to steal some card information… but a simple Google search shows that “talk talk” is actually a telecom operator in the UK that had some of its customer data stolen a while ago, so there isn’t any virus by that name. Moreover the $200 device is impossible to build but there exists what is called a “skimming” instead which involves actually swiping the card.

Next thing you might read in Al Joumouria is most probably about a car-theft gang that is teleporting cars from Beirut to Brital!

Update: I definitely did not mean to endorse punishing journalists by the previous title. The idea is just that such articles cannot be justified at a time when information resources are very accessible and facts can be easily double checked.


May Hariri speaks engrish

This is just too good not to share! The video is from an old interview with May Hariri back in 2005 when she was invited by the Lebanese “imbecile” in Pakistan to perform there.


Man stabbed in Jdeideh over a car parking space

According to LBCI, this woman and her husband stabbed a man inside a beauty salon in Jdeideh after fighting with him over a parking space.

She’s called Hind Khatib. For your own safety, never try to get into an argument with her over anything!


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