The wonders of the Lebanese University in Hadath

I can understand the images of March 8 leaders at the Lebanese university faculty of science in Hadath, as it became the norm in Lebanon for the dominant political party at a certain Lebanese University branch to control the student council, and of course put up the images of their leaders all over the place as a way to mark their territory.

But what I really find it disturbing is allowing some people to set up a cellular shop inside the university campus and even worse, remain silent over the occupation of the university’s cafeteria that currently offers shisha! And this is what is actually happening in Hadath.

The below video was shot by a journalist in Now Lebanon who was threatened for taking photos inside the campus, but fortunately she had the balls to publish them online. You may read her article about the whole thing here.

Make sure to also check this additional article published in Al-Akhbar shedding light on similar breaches in the same campus which actually seems like it exists on some other planet where police is never heard of!

With these two articles, I now believe we should never act surprised next time a family announce their own military wing, because a government that cannot control a single campus definitely cannot control 10,452Km2 of land!

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2 Responses to The wonders of the Lebanese University in Hadath

  1. student January 2, 2013 at 9:39 pm #

    judging your article, I can certainly know that you are with the 14 march side, the things you wrote are 100% true.. but, why didn’t you mention other branches? 14 march leaders’ photos are everywhere, if you want to fix things and make changes, you must talk about everything, i was going to participate in this page, until i saw this.
    P.S. : i have a 14 march background

    • Rami January 3, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

      Seriously? That’s all what you came up after reading the post? I support March 14? Ok.

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