Nicolas Sehnaoui’s promises for 2013

Nicolas Sehnaoui

Telecom Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui posted on new year’s eve a list of goals he’s looking to accomplish in 2013 in the form of predictions (à la Michael Hayek).

Prediction 2013 #1- Improve the 3G quality with the Deep Indoor Expansion

Prediction 2013 #2- Deploy 4G in the main cities

Prediction 2013 #3- Start the Fiber To The Homes (FTTH) tender process and start connecting users to the Fiber Optic network

Prediction 2013 #4- Equip the remaining 130 co’s with DSL capability

Prediction 2013 #5- Allow and tariff VDSL technology to allow higher speeds for the 75% living under 2km from the CO

Prediction 2013 #6- Launch an International Tender on the management of the 2 mobile operators

Prediction 2013 #7- Finalize with Cyprus the purchase of 700Gb on the Alexandros cable

Prediction 2013 #8- Double the caps on 3G for the same price

Prediction 2013 #9- Start connecting the Heavy Users to Fiber Optic network

Prediction 2013 #10- Deploy the active cabinets that will allow 25% of people living further than 2km from the CO to get normal DSL

Let’s hope they all come true!

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One Response to Nicolas Sehnaoui’s promises for 2013

  1. trombinr January 6, 2013 at 5:20 pm #

    yea sure!
    election is on Summer! too late!

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