OTV Prank Show Hits A New Low


Lebanese TV stations produce all sorts of bad shows, but OTV proved hands down that it can easily outperform all other channels!

I just learned today about their “Haddeh Albak” prank show featuring a psycho man who pulls the silliest jokes on people and tries to make it exciting by threatening their life in the process. In one of last month’s episodes he literally humiliated a poor Syrian guy by stopping him in the middle of a Kart circuit and stripping him to his underwear. He then put a flag in his boxer and made him run around aimlessly.

I can write on and on about how fucked up that prank was, but instead I will just point a simple fact to show what a failure OTV and that silly show are. The episode has been online on YouTube for around 1 month now (October 22nd), yet people didn’t react against it until yesterday, this goes to show how little viewership they have among other stations… Similar outrageous segments from other TVs usually become the talk of the town on the very next day, but this one had to wait a whole month for people to even notice it! If this is not a clear indicator of how pathetic their productions are, then I don’t know what is!

Anyway I hope their management realizes how wrong that prank was and cancels the show altogether.

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