Men Marti W Jerr VS. Wissam Kamal

I was watching Menna W Jerr last night and I couldn’t but notice how they copied a joke on Men Marti W Jerr segment from a performance by Wissam Kamal in 2011!

Start watching at the 2m12s mark.

Start watching at the 16s mark.

It’s a shame for a TV program that is basically built around the idea of criticizing other shows to plagiarize content this way. And worse yet, since TV still has a relatively higher reach than YouTube in Lebanon, people who will watch Wissam’s video will probably think he stole his joke from that guy and not the other way around!

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One Response to Men Marti W Jerr VS. Wissam Kamal

  1. menaribo March 21, 2017 at 6:58 am #

    This guy on MTV is parachuted into the show, he’s not funny and he’s forcing to be.

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