The Lykan Hypersport sold out

W Motors lykan hyper sport

Despite its very high price tag, the Lykan Hypersport managed to get over 100 orders soon after it was revealed in Qatar last month, which means the 7 copies of the car are already sold out.

The Lykan Hypersport was priced at $3.4 million which is probably enough to fill anyone’s garage with a cool collection of sports/super cars.

The Arab world’s first supercar was unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show last month, where fledgling carmaker W Motors revealed its Lykan Hypersport. Just a few weeks on and Beirut-based W Motors has revealed that over 100 orders for its two-seater supercar have already been taken. Not an astronomical number by most standards, until you realize that Arab supercar has been priced at $3.4 million – making it the world’s most expensive production car. Source

I’d love to see the guys at Top Gear or Nadim Mehanna maybe trying it out on TV and have their say about it.


4G pilot phase in Lebanon

As per minister Sehnaoui, the pilot phase of the 4G service will start by the end of this month including 200 students and 200 specialists as in the case with 3G back in September 2011. And I just hope I’ll take part in this testing phase like last time!

Alfa by the way is currently offering an interactive platform at ABC Achrafiyeh where’s they conducting some live experiments to show people how fast can the service be, but note that the devices they’re using are probably the only ones on the network right now.

via LBCI


Top 10 Lebanese blogs

Communicate Levant compiled a list of the top 10 blogs from Lebanon in their 2013 book of tens and your truly was among them!

Below is the full list along with scans provided by Joe from Joe’s Box showing what they had to say about each blog.

  1. Beirut Spring
  2. A Separate State of Mind
  3. +961
  4. Blog Baladi
  5. Marketing in Lebanon
  6. Gino’s Blog
  7. Toom Extra
  8. Joe’s Box
  9. Broffessional Review
  10. Beirut NTSC

Page 1 page 2

It’s worth noting though that limiting the best blogs in Lebanon to 10 is quite hard. If it was up to me, I would have included some other cool blogs like Ink On The Side by Sareen, Let’s Talk About Movies by Anis, and Ivy Says by Ivy.


The Hangout Gemmayze offering platters for 1 Lebanese Lira

The hangout Gemmayze

I just stumbled upon this cool offer by The Hangout restaurant on Facebook. They’re challenging people to come on February 12th and 13th with an authentic Lebanese Lira which can buy them a platter of their choice on these two days!

I’m sure many people still have authentic liras in their drawers, and I hope there’s no trick behind The Hangout’s offer. Anyway, for more about The Hangout, you can check out their Facebook page here.


LBC & LDC to start airing The Voice France primes


I just learned LBCI and LDC will start airing The Voice France primes as of tonight.

So if you’re interested in following Anthony Touma‘s progress in the show, make sure to start following LBCI and LDC as of tonight at 8:30PM since they will be broadcasting last week’s prime right after the news followed by tonight’s prime live at 9:50PM.


eezmeez graffiti

For those who don’t know about it yet, is a Lebanese online t-shirt store offering cool and sarcastic designs. I got to try them earlier this month and was quite happy with the t-shirt I got.


My main concerns when it comes to buying clothing items online is how good the fabric will be, and if I’ll get my size correctly, but fortunately eezmeez got these two covered.

The overall ordering process was quite smooth and easy. Regarding the size, I had absolutely no difficulty choosing the right one thanks to their T-shirt size guide which specifies the dimensions of each size they have. And when I got the t-shirt, it turned out of a really superior quality.

tshirt 1

The t-shirts prices start at $20 for kids and $24 for adults (for both men and women), which I believe is fair given their original designs, plus an additional $4 delivery charge if you’re in Beirut and the surroundings, or a bit more depending on how far from Beirut is your location, and it’ll take up to 7 days for your t-shirt to get delivered.

Make sure to check their collection if you would like to order one of their t-shirts. I personally got the jongar one in the above photo, which along with the other designs make a cool gift idea in my opinion.


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