Overnight millionaire – Amer Hazimeh

The guys is barely 30 years old and yet managed to steal more than 45 million dollars by borrowing money from banks that trusted him and convincing people to invest their money with him in gold and stocks.


Virgin Radio Lebanon on air already

virgin radio lebanon

Even though Virgin Radio Lebanon official launching date is on May 1st, but I just learned today that they’re on air already broadcasting on 89.5FM frequency.

According to their Facebook page, they’re promising a new programming format by introducing “10 hits in a row” where 10 hits are played back to back without a commercial interruption. So make sure to tune in for a glimpse of it!

Virgin Radio is taking the lead in strengthening Lebanon’s position on the worldwide media stage by bringing its magical touch to the country. Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group, will be personally launching this exciting project in May and taking part in the celebrations surrounding the launch of the innovative Virgin Radio. The pioneering “10 Hits in a Row” is the platform that will establish a brand new format never before heard in Lebanon, where listeners will be able to enjoy a succession of ten songs in a row without any commercial interruption. Source


Mobile internet users behavior in Lebanon

Alfa Telecommunications released some nice infographic during Arabnet 2013 two weeks ago showing the most popular smart phones among their users along with the most visited websites and what services are mostly used.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

alfa telecommunications

For more about internet usage in Lebanon and e-commerce habits, make sure to check this inforgraphic compiled by Jad Rahme using data released by Ipsos MENA also during Arabnet 2013.


touch cloud

touch cloud

I know I should have posted about this before, but anyway, if you develop mobile applications, then make sure to check the touch cloud, and read what is it all about in this post by Tech-Ticker.

Moreover, check PitchFest, an event organized by AltCity in collaboration with touch and Appstrata, which allows developers to present their mobile apps (or apps ideas) to a panel of judges for a chance to win $5,000 and technical support from touch cloud and Appstrata for your app to start working. The deadline to apply is tomorrow March 29th.


Beirut’s mobile phones guy


I was recently on the hunt for a new mobile phone and decided to first go check Amhaz prices since they’re known to be among the lowest in the market. Their branch at Beirut Mall was selling the iPhone 5 for a reasonable price at $689 but I got so irritated when the sales guy tried to sell me the A1428 model which doesn’t support our 4G network instead of the A1429, claiming that a software update has resolved the issue and made the A1428 compatible with our network!

So I started searching for another place until @CAbN mentioned a guy called Mohamad selling mobile phone at a similar prices as Amhaz if not lower, and based on several people’s feedback, Mohamad was quite reliable. The guy turned out to have a profile on elmazad.com under the name of “mhdskr” where he maintains a pricelist of all the models he deals with, and the iPhone 5 A1429 was listed for $680 (sealed in its original box), so I immediately called him and agreed to meet up somewhere so I can pick up my phone as he doesn’t operate a shop.

Upon meeting Mohamad I found him to be quite nice and friendly, and never trying to bullshit you with stuff like “khod l A1428 w byimsheh 3a mas2ouliyteh”. He also offers to deliver you the phone wherever you are in Beirut, in addition to granting a 7 day trial period after which you get your money back if the phone turned to have any glitch. So I totally recommend that you contact him in case you’re looking to buy some new mobile.

You may check his pricelist here, and call him on 70 686406 to either agree on a place to meet or simply give him your address to get your phone delivered to you.


Tamanna & Le Mall grant Charlie a trip to Barcelona

There was clapping and cheering, laughter and blushing faces. Moukarzel’s mother and father wiped away tears and smiles broke across their faces. Moukarzel is going on a free trip to Barcelona to watch his favorite team and favorite player Lionel Messi.

Moukarzel is a passionate Barcelona fan: He has memorized Barcelona’s games and Messi’s goals. Moukarzel is also afflicted with a chronic, degenerative disease that has him wheelchair bound and robbed of his normal speech. His prognosis is grim.

A group that helps children with critical illnesses, Tamanna, asked Moukarzel last month what he wanted to do above anything else. He said he wanted to see Messi play.

“Is there anything else?” they asked. “Messi,” he repeated. Just Messi. Source

Video shot by Pascale Ucef


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