The solution to traffic jam in Lebanon

These people found the ultimate solution to traffic jam in Lebanon, set up an Arguileh and share it with people around while stuck on the highway. Better yet, want to avoid fights during the wait? Add some Bekaai made “tobacco” to it!

Thank you @krikOrianm

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Alfa U Chat ad

Quite funny!

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This is just sad

I just watched the most aweful thing about the clashes taking place in Tripoli right now, child fighters. The below video from LBC shows a 12 years old kid holding an AK-47 and admitting he’s participating in the fights to “protect” his neighborhood. Disguting!

One of the kids told LBCI that he is fighting to defend his region, adding that he knows how to use a weapon and shoot. The kid said that he will not go to school tomorrow unless things get back to normal in Tripoli.


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The collapse of Safra building caught on video

The below video from LBCI shows part of the carpet factory in Safra collapsing because of the huge fire it caught today morning.

Luckily no one was hurt as all employees were able to escape from the building shortly after the fire erupted. You may also check here for photos taken by Joe of the factory while the fire was raging in it.

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Lebanon 2012 summer festivals

The programs of Baalbeck, Beiteddine, and Byblos festivals has been announced over the last few day, and it looks like Byblos has the most interesting one so far. Below are the three programs as announced.


  • Caracalla Dance Theatre on June 28th, 29th & 30th
  • Sylvie Guillem & Russel Maliphant on July 7th
  • A night of Tarab, Muwashahat & Qudud on July 12th
  • The Cranberries on July 14th 2012
  • The Dizzy Gillespie on July 17th
  • La Bohème on July 26th 2012

More information here:


  • Slash on June 25th
  • Julien Clerc on July 4thB.B. King on July 5th
  • Ute Lemper on July 11th
  • Kadim Al Sahir on July 14th
  • Snow Patrol on July 17th
  • Tinariwen on July 25th

More information here:


  • Chico and the Gypsies on June 29th
  • Zucchero – Chocabeck World Tour 2012 on July 5th
  • Saber Rabai on July 7th
  • Jessy Normal on July 13th
  • Mashrou’ Leila on July 15th

More information here:

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Flight from hell – Middle East Airlines

One of the blog readers, Hussein Dajani, sent me this series of videos he took onboard Middle East Airlines (MEA) flight 427 from Dubai to Beirut on May 3rd 2012.

Hussein interviewed several passengers on that flight about their unpleasant experience on the airplane that looked more like a bus where chairs are broken, food is bad, entertainment system is defected, and the AC doesn’t function until the airplane takes off because it is so old!

The bad experience and the video were reported by Hussein to MEA’s page on Facebook, and unsurprisingly he got banned and blocked from posting any further comment.


MEA finally issued the below statement as a reply to the videos and the negative comments they were getting.

To our fans, customers and readers alike,

In the past week or so, videos and pictures have been circulated on the web pointing out problems customers have faced on a couple of MEA flights. They included service quality issues such as an out of use seat and a dysfunctional display unit amongst others. These videos and pictures created with the intention of raising awareness about MEA’s customer service, and which have caused others to provide valuable comments and feedback, have been taken on-board whole heartedly.

Anyone who flies regularly will probably have experienced at some time or another that service on an airline can vary from flight to flight. As such, our company’s priority is to strive to deliver a consistent service across the board. The best way to provide this consistency in our view is to listen to customers’ feedback addressing their issues whenever possible, to implement the latest technologies and systems throughout the company as they become available, and finally to undertake all our usual measures to assess consistency through thorough quality control of flight safety, in-flight services, entertainment and overall passenger comfort.

Here at MEA, we feel it is our duty not only to our customers, but to the country as a whole to accurately represent our nation by reflecting our reputation for outstanding hospitality in every aspect of the service we provide as an airline. Currently, our fleet is being expanded as some may already know from our recent campaign “5000 Mabrouk” where we unveiled our brand new A320 aircraft. We’re expecting two more aircraft to be delivered in coming months. We have also finished planning the new cargo center which will be spread over 20,000 sq. m. of land, will contain a hangar with a 5,000 sq. m. capacity for exports and another 10,000 sq. m. hangar for imported goods, in addition to a large parking lot.

In light of the videos we have seen, the comments provided in social forums and the valuable feedback we are receiving online, we are glad to announce that we will be increasing our presence in various social media to provide dynamic interaction with our customer base worldwide. While we encourage everyone to describe their experience on MEA flights through social media and contact us by whichever means available, we’d like to remind our customers that the most direct means of communication for requests and complaints to be handled effectively within the shortest timeframe is by emailing (Customer Services Department).

The MEA Team

Issuing this statement is probably the least they can do in such situation. The most important is actually walking the talk.

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Free night traffic decree posted in official gazette

The decree stating that internet night traffic from 12AM to 7AM should be free has be published in the official gazette last Thursday. But it looks like it is currently exclusive to Ogero subscribers only as I’m subscribed to IDM and still get the following message each time I log in to my account:

Note that your telephone line is NOT Unlimited nights enabled since your line did not pass the feasibility test done to support such service enhancement.
We would like to assure you that we intend to offer this service for all our subscribers and will be working on enabling your line with Unlimited night traffic , and whenever such change will take place we will inform you accordingly.

Almost all IDM subscriber in Beirut get double the speed and unlimited traffic at night, while others outside Beirut get the message above. If a subscriber’s phone line cannot handle more than 1mbps, why can’t they just enable the unlimited night traffic alone for them while keeping their speed as it is?!

Anyway, you may click here to read the full text of decree as shared by minister Nicolas Sehnaoui on twitter. I hope it doesn’t take too long until all ISPs abide by it!

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Supermoon over Lebanon

As you may have read around the web in the last couple of days, the world witnessed the biggest and brightest full moon in 2012, also known as a Supermoon, which is the name used when referring to a full moon that occurs when the moon is at its closest distance to earth, and usually happens once every 412 days.

Below is a cool shot taken by Beirut Drive-By of the Supermoon over the Lebanese mountains last night.

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Tannoura Maxi – Heels of War

Tannoura Maxi is a new Lebanese movie that debuted in theaters yesterday, and tells the story of a priest about to be ordained but falls in love of a high-heeled girl.

Regardless how good this movie might be, it is yet another Lebanese movie with a story taking place during the war, and I guess people are fed up with this repetitive pattern in Lebanese movies. I mean we’ve enjoyed the first few ones like West Beirut, but the topic has been used and abused! Wouldn’t you prefer to watch Lebanese movies of other genre?

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New Cadillac SRX ad shot in Lebanon?

The new Cadillac SRX ad looks ad if it was shot in Lebanon, especially with the “Faraya-Mzaar” sign that appears in the middle of it. But where exactly do we have such nice road here?

Thanks @MAChidiac


Amer just confirmed the ad was shot in Faraya. Ok, the ad was NOT shot in Lebanon.

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