Ziad Rahbani & co. at the Blu Note Cafe Hamra

Ziad Rahbani

Here’s some good news for Ziad El Rahbani lovers. He started performing earlier this week at the Blue Note Cafe in Hamra with a band of 11 musicians and will continue until January 29th.

The program called “Orthoizoks und Rahbani Ziach” is comprised mainly of jazz music with lyrics in Arabic, French and English. Make sure to reserve early if you’re planning to attend one of the evening as I believe places must be running out fast (The Blue Note Cafe’s number is 01 743 857).

On Monday night the Blue Note Café hosted “Orthoizoks und Rahbani Ziach,” an evening of original compositions by Ziad Rahbani – Assi and Fairouz’s son. From his piano, Rahbani the younger led an 11-person ensemble of musicians and vocalists before a capacity audience.

“Orthoizoks und Rahbani Ziach” is comprised of such Rahbani tunes as “Spiral,” “Smooth Talk” and “Viva de Funk.” Those familiar with Rahbani’s oeuvres may have found the evening’s playlist echoed the one he staged for his UNESCO Palace performance in December 2012.

This multilingual program – with lyrics in Arabic, French and English – transported the Blue Note through several distinct moods. From romantic ballads to cool jazz, Rahbani and Co. worked to sate the eager audience’s thirst for soulful groove. Source


Photos of the fallen truck in Nahr El Mot

Some friends of mine who work at Nahr El Mot sent me the below photos of the truck that fell today morning off the bridge leading to Metn highway. Luckily only the truck driver was injured.






nahr el mor

Thanks to Elie Tawil & Elie Hajj.


Unknown lady blocks Hamra street!

According to this Facebook page, some unknown lady driving a black BMW with tinted windows in Hamra today afternoon, refused to stop for the police who apparently wanted to check the tint license, and decided to block the whole street when he insisted!

lady blocking hamra street 1

Lady blocking hamra street

lady blocking hamra street 2

No matter how important this lady is, it would be a real shame if the ISF let her get away with what she did. She cannot cause people to get stuck in a traffic jam for no reason except that she thinks she’s above the law, especially in a business center area like Hamra. I hope no one was being rushed to a nearby hospital and ended up getting stuck there!

Thanks to @ghazayel


Khlosna ba2a

Makhzoumi LED(4x3)m 5

While March 8 and March 14 are fighting over what electoral law to adopt in the next elections, and other irrelevant issues to the society’s needs, people are bit by bit starting to hate both parties and willing to support any other independent party who’s ready to address their real needs.

Such options have already started to emerge. I recently heard about a group of businessmen who have formed an NGO called “The Civic Influence Hub” aiming at bringing a social change to Lebanon without getting involved in politics, and just today, a campaign by the National Dialogue Party headed by Fouad Makhzoumi started to make a buzz around Facebook with its slogan being “Khlosna ba2a”, which I guess speaks what a lot of us think about on the current situation of Lebanon with its corrupt politicians and stagnant economy.

Makhzoumi LED(4x3)m 1

This is not the only campaign of its kind we might hear about in the next few weeks, some other similar campaigns might follow and I believe they should be given a chance for at least offering us an alternative to the politicians who have been ruling this country for ever now and have failed miserably at securing our very basic needs.

I mean warlords have been controlling us for decades now, and I only find it logical to give new people a chance to do things differently and maybe bring us the social change that we all are asking for!

Makhzoumi LED(4x3)m 4


Nathaly Fadlallah to run for the 2013 parliamentary elections


Nathaly Fadlallah, owner of a modelling agency in Lebanon, lately announced she’s going to be a candidate in the next Lebanese elections and wants to introduce some “revolutionary” ideas to the parliament.

One might wonder what accomplishments qualify her to become an MP, but she actually got some Playboy playmates to come to Lebanon back in 2010 which is basically better than whatever was accomplished by our current MPs in the previous 4 years!


Lebanese hypercar to be unveiled in Qatar this month


According to this article in Trade Arabia, a Lebanese hypercar called “LykanHypersport 2013” produced by W Motors will be unveiled at Qatar Motor Show later this month. The car will cost $3,400,000, and only 7 units of it will be built which will make it the world’s most exclusive car.

The Lykan’s specifications include: a flat 6, twin-turbo, mid-rear positioned 750 horsepower engine delivering 1000 NM of torque takes the vehicle from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.8 seconds to reach the break neck maximum speed of 390 kilometers per hour.

For those that enjoy the finer things in life, the lavishness of the LykanHypersport 2013 takes luxury to a whole new level.  Diamond -encrusted LED lights and gold-stitched interior leather guarantee that the passengers travel in style.  Other high-level specifications include a reverse door opening system, a state-of-the-art 3D Virtual Holographic display with tactile interaction, and an innovative ID4Motion interactive dashboard.

As a gift for buying the most exclusive car in the market, owners will be awarded with a Special Edition Cyrus Klepcys Watch, worth over $200,000.  Like the LykanHypersport 2013, only seven watches will be produced.

The Lykan looks really cool and I really wish W Motors sell all of their 7 units, but would car enthusiasts be really interested in spending $3.4 million on a Lebanese made car?







Photos via Luxurylaunches


Lebanon’s first civil marriage not approved

marwan charbel

Unfortunately the civil marriage I posted about earlier did not get approved after the Interior Ministry referred it to the Justice Ministry, simply due to the fact that civil marriage is not yet allowed in Lebanon, and therefore the workaround that Nidal and Khouloud came up with did not work.

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said the Justice Ministry did not approve a Lebanese couple’s request for a civil marriage in the country.

“The Interior Ministry referred the marriage request to the Justice Ministry’s advisory panel, which studied the request and did not approve on it due to the absence of a law that regulates civil marriage,” Charbel told An-Nahar newspaper in remarks published Monday.

“Any similar request will not be [approved],” the minister also said, calling for a new law that regulates civil marriage.

“There must be a [law] to regulate the personal status, marriage and divorce as well inheritance and other similar issues,” Charbel added.

You can read about the issue in this article by Now Lebanon.


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