Haifa Wehbi among the top 30 worlds most beautiful women of 2013

Haifa Wehbi

When Rina Chibani fails to get us the Miss Universe title, leave it to Haifa Wehbi to put us again under the spotlights. She made it to the top 30 worlds most beautiful women of 2013 on Hollywood Buzz.

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Make easy money

Le Gustav 2

Here’s a quick tip to make easy money. Get some of the delicious treats from Le Gustav, preferably their heavenly good cake balls, start selling them for more than double the original price at your shop and enjoy the profit!

Shu we2fit 3leik? Second Cup Hamra is doing the exact same thing and getting away with it! Check more about this scam here on Beirutista.

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What did the Lebanese Google in 2012?


Curious to know what did the Lebanese Google in 2012? Executive Magazine has all the answers here. And yes, it shows we did Google Myriam Klink a lot at certain times! May god forgive us for our sins!


Mustapha from Beirut Spring re-did the Google trends study on Lebanese divas with a small difference, he used the artists’ in Arabic instead of Latin, and found out the Arabic searches have a higher activity volume and are therefore more representative of the population. The results were surprisingly different, Fayrouz got a much higher volume of searches while Myriam Klink got absolutely nothing! Check his post here.

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Goats attack parked cars in the Lebanese University in Tripoli

Lebanese university tripoli

Photo by Racha Halabi from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tripoli.

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The US Department of State and Hariri Foundation


It’s quite normal for consulates and embassies to ask you for some official documents when applying for a visa or renewing a residency for example, but asking for a letter that states you are not in debt to a certain privately held organization is a first!

And that’s what actually happens in the US, all J-1 visa holders are required to obtain a “No objection letter” from their home country to waive a mandatory two-year home-country physical presence prior to re-entry into the states once their visa expires, and one of the conditions Lebanese citizens are required to fulfill is obtaining a letter from the Hariri Foundation in Washington stating that they are under no financial or contractual obligation to the foundation. This is a requirements by the Department of States in the US as mentioned in the letters and recommendations page on the Lebanese embassy in the US website.

You can read more about the matter on menapolis.com. It would be also great if anyone knows the reason for that weird requirement and shares it through a comment, I mean why is it ok to be in debt to any organization in the world except for the Hariri Foundation?

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Khaled El-Daher VS Taleb Ibrahim

Yet another classy debate over the revolution in Syria!

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Photos from the MMA event in Movenpick

First Blood was Lebanon’s inaugural professional mixed martial arts event, taking place in Movenpick Hotel Beirut. Eight Lebanese fighters were featured on the nine fight card, including Elie El Rayess and Silvio Chiha. Photographs/Hasan Shaaban

MMA Movenpick (4)

MMA Movenpick (3)

MMA Movenpick (2)

MMA Movenpick (1)

You can check here for the rest of the photos.

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Yalla Mario Style

We will never get enough of Gangnam style imitations!

Also check Marrio Bassil’s previous performance on celebrity duets with Maya Diab and Abou Talal’s Obba Saida style.

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Myriam Klink makes it to CNN

It’s the Arabic website of CNN, but it still counts as CNN no?


The article is about her new music video and the controversy it stirred since part of it was shot in a Christian cemetery.

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Always double check your receipt

WP_000171 WP_000170
I was at one of the large supermarkets in Beirut a while ago when I noticed they had an offer on one of KDD’s juice products, buy 6 for the price of 4. So I grabbed a pack and headed to one of the cashiers only to be surprised that they’re billing me 4,500L.L instead of the advertised 2,490L.L.


I decided to ask the customer service attendant for an explanation and it turned out the pack I picked didn’t have a promotional sticker on it, and they suggested that I just go get another pack with a sticker on, which was pretty stupid in my opinion since all the packs were placed on the same shelf!

Anyway, I’m not posting this to target a specific supermarket but rather to point out that you notice a difference between the shelf price and what you get billed almost everywhere and I’ve experienced it more than once, so you better double check your receipt next time you shop at one of those big supermarkets!

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