Beiruti breakfast among the best around the world

Arabic breakfast.

“Al Soussi”, a small shop in Zaidaniyyeh offering traditional Lebanese dishes such as Foul, Hummus, Balila, and Fatte, was featured on CNN and Travel + Leisure list of top 100 places to eat like a local.

For more than 50 years, this pint-size kitchen in West Beirut has been serving an irresistible version of fatteh, made with layers of toasted pita, chickpeas, yogurt, and pine nuts. 961-1/312-145. Source

The place is quite popular in Zaydaniyyeh and Asiha Bakkar that you sometimes can’t set a foot inside the small shop due to the number of people waiting for their orders, especially in Ramadan at suhour time.

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Dracula loves the Lebanese

GEICO by the way is a US auto insurance company known for its advertisements stressing how it takes a 15 minutes call to save 15% on car insurance using different characters.

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Would you suggest an arrest to Nissan?

The guys at Nissan – Rymco are claiming they’ll be trying to reduce drunk driving throughout this month by allowing you to report intocixated people so they would come get them home in a Nissan while someone sober drives their cars safely. But don’t expect the hot police women to show up everytime you report someone!

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A new highway to be constructed in Achrafieh

According to this article in The Daily Star today, there’s a new highway that is set to be constructed in the near future in Achrafieh linking Hazmieh to Charles Helou and passing by Mar Mkhayel. The project plan has been there since the 70’s but was delayed because some residential buildings have to be demolished, and the Council for Development and Reconstruction is now set to go forward with it starting this summer to help reduce the traffic in and out of Achrafieh.

Some activists however are opposing the project and trying to suggest some alternatives to avoid demolishing of old buildings and preserve the streets that might be affected by this highway. You can read more about it here.


This is definitely not an accurate drawing of the highway, but I’m trying to imagine how will it look like. I guess it will start somewehre in Alfred Naccache, passing by the small bridge in Charles Malek, and then straight to Charles Helou.


Lebanese football referee gets attacked by players!


As if Lebanon needed more scandals and ugly incidents, this outrageous uncivilized act against a referee in a football match came to add salt to the wound. The referee did not give Al Nahda Club a penalty in the added time of the second half against Al Salam Zgharta, and the players went crazy chasing him all across the pitch. The video here doesn’t show more of the attack but it gives you an enough idea about what happened.

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