Gibran Bassil’s new comic book – A nation’s dream

This is hilarious! I’ve been searching for some PDF version of this book ever since Bassam Abou Zaid tweeted about it a few days ago, and just last night, he made a news report about it. The Lebanese ministry of energy and water published a comic book called “A nation’s dream” starring minister Gibran Bassil and his son, telling a story that takes place in 2020 after we became an oil-producing country.

The story starts with Gibran Bassil and his son boarding a metro from Batroun towards Beirut passing by all the projects that Bassil has started, from dams to gas pipes and Beirut’s solar snake, then shows how Zouk became much less polluted and how the public dump in Dora turned into some touristic destination. The story then ends with Gibran Bassil telling how proud he feels to be among the few people who actually contributed into realizing the dreams of this country!

I’m not sure who advises minister Gibran Bassil on such things, but is he/she effing serious?! Morever, I wish the story has started by telling how exactly did Bassil accepted handing over the ministry of energy to someone else.

I totally loved the sarcastic comment by Bassam Abou Zaid at the end of the report by the way.


Golden owl spotted in Tyre


Following the dolphins that were spotted near Jounieh few months ago, and the seal lion in Tyre last week, workers in Hiram Hospital spotted four golden owls in the hospital’s garden today.

Workers in Hiram Hospital were surprised to spot on Thursday four golden owls in the hospital’s garden in Tyre, noting that this kind of bird is uncommon to the country’s wildlife.

A Golden owl is characterized with far vision, particularly in low light, and is dubbed “cleaner of the environment” and “farmer-friendly” since this bird feeds on rats and insects.

According to some experts, the aforementioned species are coming to Lebanon due to climate change since this phenomenon has a significant direct effect on animals. Source

I wonder what’s coming next!


Amarres shuts down at Zaitunay Bay


Back in 2012, several websites started posting about a possible closure of Zaitunay Bay closing down due to the slow economy and the low numbers of tourists visiting Lebanon. This however was denied by the people behind Zaitunay through twitter and the media.

Yet just today, Ziad Kamel, the co-founder of The Alleyway, confirmed on twitter that Amarres in Zaitounay Bay will be shutting down due to the instability the whole country is currently going through, which is eventually causing tourists and Lebanese expats to abstain from visiting the country, whereas Zaitunay heavily relies on them.

So while Zaitunay Bay might be staying, one this is for sure, which is that restaurants owners there are definitely struggling to make ends meet, except for Classic Burger Joint probably which always seems to be full! (khamseh bi 3youneh)

Anyway, back to Ziad Kamel, he claimed a second branch of Couqley will soon be opening in Dbayeh on May 15th, which is great news to all those who live north of Beirut. I’ve been once to Couqley in Gemmayze by the way and totally enjoyed their French menu.


Marvel Exhibition at Geek Express


Here’s some cool news for the superheroes lovers. Geek Express, located in Beirut Digital District, will be hosting the Marvel Exhibition for two weeks starting May 2nd, with over 400 official and rare original items from Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman and other Marvel comics that will be on display for people to enjoy.

Moreover, if you’re excited about the new Iron Man movie, make sure to attend the opening of exhibition on Thursday at 6:30PM since Grand Cinemas will be awarding each of the first 50 fans to enter Geek Express a free ticket to any showing of Iron Man 3 at any of their theaters.

For more information, you can check Geek Express’ Page on Facebook.


Beirut Spring Festival – The fifth edition

beirut spring festival 1

The Beirut Spring Festival was created in 2009 by the Samir Kassir Foundation to commemorate his assassination, and was inspired by one of the last articles written by him.

This year’s version of te festival starts on May 26th and will last for five days, featuring several artisits at different venues around Beirut, and below is the festival program.

  • May 26: Tania Saleh in concert at Samir Kassir square
  • May 27/28: Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad at Al Madina theater
  • May 29: Corss encounter with Wajdi Mouawad and Paul Chaoul at Bank Audi headquarters in Downtown
  • May 29: The Sentinel at The Roman Baths in Downtown
  • May 30/31: Alone at Monnot theater

For more information you can check Beirut Spring Festival’s website or Facebook page.


Fatburger at Beirut City Centre

fatburger sign

Fatburger is the new burger joint in town and was among the places I’ve been waiting for to open at Beirut City Centre since I enjoyed trying it in Dubai last year.

Their menu is quite simple as they offer burgers, hot dogs, and chicken strips along with some other side items.


Ordering is quite fun by the way since the cashier relays back everything to the rest of the team and they all end up shouting whatever you have ordered. Anyway, I ordered a single Fatburger and it tasted good as everything in it was fresh but I felt the patty was a bit overcooked.

Price-wise, Fatburger serves single, double, triple, and quad patty burger, at 9,500L.L, 12,500L.L, 15,500L.L, and 19,500L.L respectively, plus an additional 6,500L.L to make a meal.


Men El Ekhir – Arab Eagle

The average interview time on Men El Ekhir is around 10 to 12 minutes I guess, so why exactly would Pierre Rabbat and his team allocate 22 minutes for someone they just want to make fun of?

This guy, Kassem Boutah or The Arab Eagle, previously appeared on Arabs Got Talent and failed miserably.


Instabeat – The must have gadget for professional swimmers

I just came across this cool project called “Instabeat” by professional swimmer Hind Hobeika.

Hind is a former swimmer who used to train with the American University of Beirut’s swimming team and recognized the need for a monitoring device to track hear rate during her practices. So she came up with Instabeat, a device that is designed to fit any pair of swimming goggles to tracks a swimmer’s heart rate, caloric burn, and number of laps.

During practice, swimmers will be alerted through LED lights as to whether they are performing in fat burning (blue), mid-range (green), or maximum (red) zones. Progress over time can also be visualized after connecting the device to your personal dashboard through a USB port. Future prototypes will allow syncing data to your mobile phone using Bluetooth.

You can read more about Hind Hobeika and her Instabeat device on And if you feel like supporting her, you can take part in her indiegogo campaign to raise $35,000 needed for further development of Instabeat.

Thank you @sam_lb


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