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Horsh Beirut

You probably have seen this at several places in Beirut “ليش حرش بيروت مسكر؟” (Why is Beirut park closed?) among other stencils as well, which appear to be part of a campaign to open Beirut park to the public.

You might be surprised, but I’m actually with keeping people away from this park until they really deserve it. I mean look at all the public spaces in Beirut, are we treating them good? The corniche at Ain El-Mrayseh for example looks like one big shisha cafe now! Young boys come in their 1990 BMW and Golf cars, turn up their radios to Ali El-Deek songs, set their shishas, and start dancing Dabke! Wala anawran min heik.

The possibilities are endless with what they may do to Horsh Beirut. Littering? BBQ parties on weekends? Ripping out the plants?

So until we learn how to treat our public spaces really good, keep Horsh Beirut closed please!



The ice skating rink at Beirut Souks

I was at Beirut Souks last night and thought of passing by the new ice skating rink to check it out but was disappointed by how small it is. It’s like 20 x 20 meters and looked a bit crowded to me with like 20 people on it. Not to mention the overpriced tickets at 20,000 L.L.

The rink is lasting till the end of February, and opens from 12PM till midnight.


Bank Audi’s interactive kiosk

I stumbled upon this cool kiosk by Bank Audi on Saturday night at City Mall. Aside from the ATM on the right, there are two large screens that, among many options, allow you to do a video call with one of the bank’s representatives and inquire them about their services. A room offering privacy is also available in the back, which I assume can be used to sign confidential papers and send them directly to the bank from within that kiosk.

The purpose of this project is apparently to let people get most of their banking needs done at a kiosk like this one instead of having to physically be present at one of the bank’s branches, which is pretty nice for people whose time is not flexible enough in the morning.

I just hope they’re putting similar efforts into enhancing their e-banking application as well!


The cheapest wine ever

Selling at 2,995L.L (~$2) that’s probably the cheapest bottle of wine you’ll ever find in Lebanon no?!

Seen at Fahd Supermarket Furn El-Shebbak.


Al-Salam Juice

You can’t be a true Beiruti if you haven’t had a fruit cocktail at least once from Al-Salam Juice in Tarik El-Jadida.

Most of their cocktails can easily replace a meal since they’re very filling, with the most popular being the “Katyusha” that comes with Avocado juice and Kashta (heavy cream) loaded with lot of fruits on top.

Totally recommended, but good luck finding a parking spot around the place since it’s a very crowded area.


The resurrection of Zein El Atat

I was passing by the airport road a few days ago when I noticed this small center for Zein El-Atat, whose permit for producing herbal products was revoked a while ago, being built near the Fantasy World.

Definitely doesn’t look like someone who’s experiencing a turbulence in his business, right?


Zaatar W Zeit Sodeco closing or renovating?

I was passing by Sodeco yesterday afternoon and noticed that Zaatar W Zeit was closed with all the exterior decoration removed.

I personally doubt they’ll be closing or moving from Sodeco and I suspect they’re renovating the place, moreover, I guess it’s related to the missing Z campaign that they recently started. especially that they mentioned nothing about closing the Sodeco branch on their Facebook page… Few days and we will all know I think.


Woosh it at City Mall

Have you noticed these new signs at the City Mall parking area?

It seems like you’ll soon be able to have your car washed at any parking spot in City Mall since the service buttons are available everywhere.

I just hope their pricing will not be ridiculous, I usually get my car washed for 5,000L.L at almost any gas station and I honestly am not ready to pay more no matter how eco-friendly their washing process is.

Woosh by the way claims to be the first eco-friendly car care provider in Lebanon, and they clean cars through the use of special waterless products.


According to Joe who tried the service at City Mall, a car wash will cost you 12,000 L.L.

the first eco-friendly car care provider in Lebanon


Lebanonizing the sushi experience

If you find the combination of Sushi and Arguileh to be appealing, then Republic in Zalka is probably the place for you.

I went there few days ago and was surprised to see that they have recently added a sushi section to their menu, meaning you can now enjoy having your sushi while puffing smoke rings! 😛

On a serious note, I’m not an Arguileh expert but my friends claim Republic has the best Arguileh in town.


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